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Instructor Introduction

Yo! Have you ever looked at a YouTube video, and wondered “why are they talking so much? Just get to what I need to learn“. Me too, I experience that more often than I should. 

Because I felt the same pain as you, I decided to take matters into my own hands and produce classes that had everything I wanted but wasn’t getting from the other videos: engagement, fun, content, and learning that actually made sense. This is what Willie Nillie Knits brings to the table. I have been knitting for well over a decade and I have been a teacher for even longer. I bring the elements of my teaching experience into the world of Knitting to create an empowering experience for those who want to learn the craft and for those who been in the craft for a long time and want to learn new skills to boost their game. From knitting a simple scarf to knitting a hat that has your knit-worthy recipient’s name stitched into it, I teach in a way that makes learning easy and fun and not even close to intimidating.

My classes are immersive and very down to earth. I use what you already know about life and apply it to yarn crafts. 

Join me with your supplies for an hour and get one stitch closer to bringing the community together through yarn. Hope to see you soon.

Photo of Willie Smith - Owner of Willie Nillie Knits


Willie Smith, Owner, Willie Nillie Knits

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    • Sundays: All day
    • Mondays: All day
    • Tuesdays-Saturdays: 7-9pm ET

Once you've purchased your class, the amazing DGY customer service team will reach out to curate your experience and schedule your class(es) with Willie.

100% of proceeds go directly to Willie (the instructor). We love supporting creative and positive people in the world. Willie is one of our faves!

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