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5 Unique Uses for Your New Tapestry

boho-chic wall hangingThe best part about owning our brand new tapestry (beside the fact that it was handmade in our cooperatives in India and Nepal that help employ over 600 women with safe working environments and fair wages) is how versatile it is! You can literally utilize your tapestry for about anything that your mind can imagine. 

For our top 5 recommendations on how to utilize our tapestry, keep reading :)

Shedding Some Light

Hi! Welcome to the third post in this series where we are journeying through the stories of our amazing artisans and also what this business really means to me and my team. This week we are going to talk about one way in particular which we can all come together and support these women even further.

Contest winners!! (& flash sale!)

Happy Friday!!! Here at Darn Good Yarn, the only thing we love more than the weekend is our yarn (and flash sales for our yarn) & our friends who love our yarn! Today we want to announce our winners from our social media contest last week, "Darn Good Customer of the Week." 

***Winners, direct message us to claim your gift card!!***lace weight yarn

Best Yarn for a Blanket

To me, there are few things as peaceful and beautiful as a morning. Especially those quiet, cold mornings where the sun is reflecting off of the snow and I can calmly sip my tea under my coziest blanket while watching Good Morning America. For that hour or so, I don’t have a care in the world outside of my couch.

For a little weekend inspiration, Darn Good Yarn wants to share some of our favorite yarn to make a blanket! We have yarn for thick blankets, knit blankets, crocheted blankets and light-made blankets. Whatever you’re looking for- Darn Good Yarn has it.

Darn Good Friends

fiber artHere at Darn Good Yarn, our favorite way to celebrate Friday Eve is to celebrate our DGY family! Every day, we receive pictures of  GORGEOUS creations from our very talented family and we can't help but brag. Think of this as our way of hanging your test on our fridge. We're just too proud and impressed not to share it with everyone!