Cotton Yarn

Cotton Yarn is classic.

We’ve all been using it in various forms all our lives. What we may not think of, though, is the waste left from our run-of-the-mill cotton products. This is where Darn Good Yarn shines- in the salvaging and utilization of cotton textile waste. With the help of our women’s cooperatives, this reclaimed cotton is made into our wonderful yarn skeins without being at the expense of Mother Earth.

As if we didn’t all already love cotton enough, the sustainability and mindfulness of our sourcing leaves us with even more of a reason to embrace cotton in our crafting endeavors. You'll love this organic cotton yarn for both knitting and crocheting.

With our hand dyed cotton yarn the possibilities are endless! Craft anything from fanny packs, to scarfs, headbands, and tote bags! We operate under the premise of fair-trade and actively support women’s economic independence through the beautiful craft of knitting. Check out our cotton yarn sale now! Shop to your heart’s content guilt free – after all, a Darn Good Yarn purchase helps a family eat, have proper medical care and sends children to school! That’s surely some Darn Good Yarn right there.

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