Sustainable & Fair Trade Yarn Online

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We really love yarn. What can we say? There’s so much to love. Yarn has followed us through generations. With its humble beginnings as a woolen by-product to today’s countless fibers - both natural and humanmade - yarn’s versatility serves as a catalyst for both practical and creative endeavors. Here at DGY we are so thrilled to offer a vast and varied yarn selection that is sure to meet the needs of any yarn lover. What’s more, our yarns utilize textile waste, are fair-trade and sustainably sourced, and offer a living wage to women entrepreneurs in India and Nepal. These yarns give back in a big way, and we think that is darn good. So if you’re a knitting/crocheting/crafting pro or a crafting novice, we are so happy you are here and can’t wait to help you find something that perfectly fits your needs.