Patterns & Kits

What good’s the chef without the recipe? While lots of the fun of knitting comes from experimentation and substituting one yarn for another, most of us need or enjoy having knitting patterns to work off. For beginners, nothing beats the feeling of completing your very first pattern! Until you get to the next one, then the next, then the next…

Our knitting patterns come bundled in kits with all the yarn you’ll need to complete them, and the final product should look very much like the examples you see here (done by one of our very own Darn Good Yarn knitters)! We have enough crochet patterns, sewing patterns and knitting patterns to keep you busy until the sheep come home.

Have a look through our kits for sewing ideas and inspiration, and feel free to add in or subtract bits you think you can improve on. We have dozens of free knitting and crochet patterns, so you can try before you buy if you have spare yarn lying around from other projects.

All of our yarn is sourced from ethical, fair trade, sustainable producers. When you knit with Darn Good Yarn sewing patterns, you’re helping change the world one purl at a time!