Stitch Challenge
2021 - The Year in Review

  • Learn new stitches each month
  • Video tutorials guide you each step of the way
  • Combine all 12 stitches into a year-end blanket
  • Stitches for beginners + intermediate crafters
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December marks the end of a challenging year for most and provides a time to reflect, a time for stillness, and a time to focus on yourself. Our 12th and final set of knit and crochet stitches provide the opportunity to learn something new or get better at something you already know how to do. From all of us at Darn Good Yarn, thank you for following along and for being a part of our Darn Good Family.

Are you ready to join the challenge?

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Worsted Weight Silk Yarn Pack

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Our team created this amazing worsted weight yarn bundle just for you. Each bundle gives you enough yarn to learn a new stitch every month. Join in anytime!

  • Video Tutorials for each Stitch.
    Video tutorials guide you each step of the way
  • New Learning Materials Each Month.
    Learn new stitches and keep crafting each month
  • Complete all 12 months and create a blanket using all the stitches.
    Combine all 12 stitches into a year-end blanket

Previous Months

As time goes by, we'll keep a month-by-month archive of all the past stitches so you can find everything when you need it or if you want to catch up!


Get 2021 started right with the Darn Good Yarn stitch challenge. January's beginner and intermediate stitches will get you warmed up for the months to come!


February is a month of self-love for DGY-ers. Love yourself by learning new stitches or honing your skills on stitches you already know!


March gives us tons of great days and seasons to look forward to. The first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, St. Patrick's Day and... more stitches to learn! Join the team and learn or polish up on your stitches.


April showers bring may flowers (and lots of extra crafting hours). Learn or polish up on (4) new stitches this month.


May flowers bring crafting super powers. Become a knitting and crochet superhero and learn new or polish up on old stitches this month.


June marks the start of Summer and a change in routine. Break your crafting routine and learn some really fun knit and crochet stitches this month.


Don't let the dog days or unpredictably stormy days of Summer get you down (all you Northern Hemisphere DGY-ers)! Grab a cold refreshing beverage of choice and learn some new stitches and stitch techniques this month!


As the days get shorter and the remainder of our Summer vacation plans bring a proper close to the warmest months of the season in the Northern Hemisphere, we invite you to hone your crafting skills for the cooler months ahead.

Join Theresa and Allison as they teach you some really unique and textural crochet and knit stitches. We have stitches for beginners and more advanced stitches for the seasoned pros.


The month of September is a month of transitions and soft days. Grab some of your favorite soft worsted weight yarn (we have a few we really love) and join us as we intro and/or review some stitches you may or may not already know!


In the Northern Hemisphere, October days bring crisp and cool air along with shorter days. Speaking of cool... Join us to learn some really cool new stitches with some amazingly colorful and soft Darn Good Yarn recycled silk yarn.


November is the fourth and last of four months to have a length of 30 days. There are also four stitches to learn or polish up on for November's Stitch Challenge. Coincidence? We think not.