5 Plus Crochet Edging Patterns and Inspiration


Going Over the Edge

Crazy, crazy, crazy! That's what I think about the possibilities for creating and handcrafting. There are so many things out there and yet, human nature brings us all to the comfort of what we know. What if we went to the over-the-edge of craziness instead? Like the crochet edge for example?

Crochet edging can really be the difference on your craft project. I found a few free shell patterns courtesy of grandmotherspatternbook.com. If you look at the pattern above, there are some basic stitches but it's the edging that makes many crochet patterns go over the edge.


Craftsy.com shares five basic crochet edging ideas in their blog; the crab stitch, the shell stitch, picot edging, block edging, and blanket edging are 5 great edging ideas for putting a nice finishing touch on your project. Maybe it's a blanket or a shawl and adding that edging really makes it look amazing!

Many knitters also crochet so don't get stuck on one or the other. So, say you have knit a sweater but it needs a bit more. Why not pick up a crochet hook and add edging in another color? Simplycollectible.com has some amazing free crochet edging patterns so the possibilities truly are endless.

Once Over the Edge, Learning to Fly

Going to the edge can be exciting! There will still be the basic crochet stitches that you know and love, combined with some really neat edging patterning to make your crochet style show your pizzazz! Grabbing some unique yarns will really make your crafting fly!

Here's a great way to play with pattern and edging ideas. Make a bookmark using some of our lace weight yarn and practice different crochet edging patterns. If you have a lacey look to your  edging work, be sure to add some DGY silk ribbon for really fascinating color bursts! Great way to go to the edge and create lovely handmade bookmarks, too.

Crafting is all about well, crafting! But it's also about learning how to expand our abilities, to take that creative leap where no person has gone before! What will you do when you go over-the-edge, crochet edge that is?!!!