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What Can I Do With A Single Skein Of Yarn ?

Written by Kate Curry

Feeling a little Skein-dalous…

Do you have a lonely little skein and have NO CLUE what to make with it?

A single skein of worsted weight silk yarn, phenomena, which is white, pink, purple, and blue.

You’d be surprised what you can make with one skein of yarn! Before you get started there are a few questions you need to ask! 

How many yards are in your skein? 

What weight is your skein? 

What is it you want to make? 

Before you start crafting, you can’t settle on a project until you know just how much yarn you have. Most yarn will have the yardage on the tag. You also need to know the weight of your yarn - not the actual mass, but the thickness of the yarn. If you’re not sure how to figure out the weight, this blog here can help you: Different Weights of Yarn + Their Uses. With the knowledge of your yardage and weight, you can ask yourself the final question: what should I create? 

A hand wrapped around a cake of spice market yarn, made of pink, yellow, white, and teal yarn.

I would suggest sticking to something small - unless your single skein has a TON of yardage. If you need some inspiration, I’ve listed all our single-skein patterns and tutorials below, sorted by yarn weight! You may not be able to make a blanket out of a single skein, but you can still create something amazing! 


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