The Zaria Wrap Dress
A model standing in a forest wearing a maroon sari silk wrap dress and a gladiator sandal. The dress has emerald edges and shimmering gold accents across.
The Zaria Wrap Dress
The Zaria Wrap Dress
a woman sitting on a lavendar colored couch wearing a team zaria wrap dress. The dress has big white, pink and yellow flowers on it.
The Zaria Wrap Dress
A woman standing next to a river wearing a baby blue adjustable 100% sari wrap dress. She's wearing gladiator sandals and sunglasses. Her dress has floral patterns all over it with grey stripes on the chest.
A woman outside standing in front of a wood wall. She's wearing a mustard base zaria wrap dress with tea and read floral accents.
The Zaria Wrap Dress
The Zaria Wrap Dress
The Zaria Wrap Dress
A woman standing at the front door of her hour. She's wearing a gold and gray sari wrap dress.
A model in a flower shop wearing a zaria sari wrap dress and cream colored bootie. The dress is a gray base with light blue roses all across it.
A model standing on the steps outside of a restaurant. She's wearing a reclaimed sari wrap dress paired with a while leather shoe. The wrap dress has a magenta top with a white bottom and grey edges. There's a magenta floral pattern across the whole dress.
A woman barefoot dancing in a shop wearing a sari wrap dress. The majority of the dress is cream colored with blue ombre patterns along the sleeves and side of the dress.
The Zaria Wrap Dress
A woman standing in a field wearing a cream colored adjustable zaria sari wrap dress. Here's red stripes and mandalas all over the dress.
A model sitting on some stone steps wearing a light yellow sari wrap dress with baby blue edges and floral accents. She's paired the dress with a blue hat and blue flats.
A woman standing in a field wearing a a red sari silk wrap dress with navy polka dots across it. The top of the dress has light blue stripes with floral embellishments.
A woman standing in her yard wearing a 14-32 sized zaria wrap dress. Her dress is a purple and light blue paisley whit navy stripes.
Bottom half of model wearing a red zaria wrap dress while standing in the grass.

The Zaria Wrap Dress

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Are you looking for the perfect dress to go from day to night quickly? Or just a dress to feel fabulous for whatever occasion?

Introducing the Ecofriendly Zaria Wrap Dress, made with 100% reclaimed traditional sari material sourced in India and handmade at our partnered co-ops. Each dress is one-of-a-kind, making it a garment all its own!

Experience adjustable sizing, as you know, and love in skirt form, except now it's a wrap dress. It features beautiful ruffles along the hem that add charm to any outfit. In addition, the mid-weight, non-stretchy fabric creates a comfortable fit that can be adjusted to your unique measurements.

When ordering your one-of-a-kind Zaria Dress, include your requested colors in the order note during checkout, and our team will hand-select your dress from our unique collection. People Friendly. Earth Friendly.

The Ecofriendly Zaria Wrap Dress is more than just a dress; it's an experience meant to be seen! Perfect for any occasion under the sun; the only thing missing is you!

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