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Relaxing Lavender Pillow Charm | Easy Crochet Tutorial

Written by Kate Curry

With school starting, it can be a stressful time for everyone. Why not make your own relaxing lavender pillow charm. They’re super easy to make and can help relax you!


1 skein of Ombre Recycled Silk Yarn
3.25 mm / D-3 crochet hook
Dried lavender or other dried herbs that are calming for you! I got my herbs from Black Goat Homestead!
Darning needle


CO: Cast on
H(s): Chain(s)
SC: Single crochet
SLST: Slip stitch


Round 1: CO and ch 20, ch 1, and turn
Round 2: Sc the row, ch 1, and turn
Round 3-16: Repeat round 2
Round 17: Fold your work and slst the edges shut on two of the sides, leaving one side open for stuffing.
Combine your herb mix into your bag before you stitch it shut. There is no exact mix, just mix some of the herbs listed above (and maybe some that you prefer!) that will help calm you and your restless dreams. Once you’ve added the mix to your bag, you can finish your bag in 2 different ways

Option 1: Slipstitch

Slip Stitch the open side of your bag to close it up!

Option 2: Drawstring

Snip a 18 inch strand of yarn and feed it through your daring needle. Sew through every other stitch all the way around. This way you can open and refresh your herbs without having to un-do the slip stitch.
Place the pillow charm underneath your pillow and you’re ready to go!
A hand holding a little pouch made out of ombre silk yarn and stuffed with dried lavender.

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