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Braided Autumn Journey Headband | Easy Crochet Tutorial

Written by Kate Curry

Are you looking for an easy fall project? Our braided headband using our journey recycled silk yarn in autumn jubilee will hit the spot! So put down your pumpkin spice snacks and get to crafting before it gets too chilly!


1 cake of Journey Recycled Silk Yarn - Autumn Jubilee

4.0mm crochet hook


Stitch markers (optional)

A close up of the autumn jubilee yarn, a handmade silk yarn that is yellow, orange, pink, and purple.


CO: Cast on
CH(s): Chain(s)
SK: Skip
ST(S): Stitch(es)
BO: Bind of
BLOSC: Back Loop Only Single Crochet
SC2TOG: single crochet 2 stitches together


Circumference: 21 inches
You can adjust the length of the headband by increasing or decreasing the amount of rows when you’re assembling the ribbed back of the headband.
*The ribbing section of the headband is very similar to the ribbing of our Silk Baby Crochet Cocoon

Let’s Get Started!

Braided Strands (Make 3)

Row 1: Co and ch 6
Row 2: Turn your work and sk 1 ch, hdc the other 5 sts. Ch 1 and turn
Row 3-63: Repeat row 2

Band & Assembly

Gathering the three strands, sc across the strands, connecting the three together
Three strands of crocheted bands are laid out on a white and grey geometric rug in the sun.

Row 1-2: Blosc the row, ch 1, and turn 
Row 3-4: Sc the row, ch 1, and turn
Row 5: Sc2tog the row, ch 1, and turn
Row 6-26: Repeat alternating row 1-2 and row 3-4 to create a ribbing*
Taking the loose strands, make a loose, simple three strand braid. You can hold the braid in place using stitch markers. Once your braid is made, slst into the edge of a strand and sc across, connecting them together.
Three strands of the autumnal colored yarn crocheted into strands being braided together as they lay on a grey and white geometric rug.

Repeat rows 1-5 and slst the end of the work to the other side of the headband.
The finished braided headband is laying in the sun on a white and grey geometric rug.

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