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How Do You Crochet An Ankle Bracelet?

Written by Kate Curry

Who else has wonderful memories of summer camp arts and crafts? I loved making all types of crafts, but friendship bracelets and ankle bracelets were by far my favorite. Let me show you how to make the crochet ankle bracelets that I’ve been making since I was a little kid.


1 skein of Roving Silk Worsted Weight Yarn - I’m using Stars In The Night Sky
5.5mm crochet hook
Sewing needle
Button (optional)


CO: Cast on
CH(s): Chain(s)
SK: Skip
ESC: Extended single crochet
BO: Bind off

Let’s Go!

Step 1: CH 115 (or however many CH you need to have that CH wrap around your ankle three times
Step 2: SK 3 CH from the hook, and ESC the rest of the CH
A hand is holding a crochet chain, made out of blue, teal, white, yellow, and sparkly yarn.

Step 3: Once you get to the end of your chain, you’re going to CH 10. BO and knot this chain and the tail together multiple times to make a large knot. This knot can be pushed through the space you made when you skipped those 3 CHs during step 2.

To wear, wrap the band around your ankle three times and push the knot through the space at the beginning of your band. If you don't want to make the large knot, you can sew on a button to the end of your chain and use that!

A leg wearing a black legging, a black and pink sock, and an anklet made of blue, white, and yellow yarn is kicked up in front of a window with white plastic blinds.

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