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Hemp Soap Saver Crochet Tutorial

Written by Kate Curry


3.75 mm crochet hook 
Single Ply Hemp 


CH(s): Chain(s) 
BLOSC: Back Loop Only Single Crochet
FLOSC: Front Loop Only Single Crochet
SC: Single crochet
SLST: Slip stitch
BO: Bind of


Finished Measurements: 
Length:3 inches  
Height: 3 inches 
This soap saver can fit all types of soap! From Lush, to target, to your handmade soap bars!
A bar of soap that is held securely in a handmade crochet hemp soap saver on the edge of a white sink.

Let's Get Started!

Row One: CH 25
Row Two: FLOSC from the 2nd ch the row, for 24 SC. Turn, BLOSC  24, & SLST
Row Three: CH 2, turn, SC 24. SLST, SC 24 on the other side & SLST
A pale hand is holding the unfinished hemp soap saver against their army green pants.

Row 4-12: Repeat row 3 and BO.

To create the cinch, chain 45 and BO. Loop this chain through one of the holes using a lark's head knot. This chain will make sure the soap saver bag is closed and your soap won’t go slipping out on you! 

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