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DIY Decorations and Inspiration for Your Cinco De Mayo Party

Written by Kate Curry

Are you looking for some inspiration for your Cinco De Mayo party?! Get inspiration and materials for your DIY decorations with this list of 20 project ideas that will spice up your fiesta!

1. Sari Silk Ribbon Garland

Multiple multicolored silk tassels on a white background next to a ball of yellow silk ribbon

Our Sari Silk Ribbon comes in a variety of vibrant colors that make fun, vibrant tassels! String them on a piece of hemp yarn or rope to create a garland that you can hang from your ceiling, on your wall, or along the edge of a table. 

Check out the full tutorial here.

2. Sunshine Mat Crochet Kit

This Sunshine Mat Pattern makes the perfect table centerpiece! Made from our Banana Fiber Yarn, this decoration is 100% plant based, making it the cutest eco-friendly decor piece. 

3. Mason Jar Coozies

No need to go out and buy new vases for your party with this Mason Jar Coozie Pattern! Bold colors will add a natural vibrancy to your centerpieces. 

4. Tiered Rainbow Plant Hanger

No decor says Cinco De Mayo quite like bright colors and greenery. With this Tiered Rainbow Plant Hanger, you can save up on table space (so you can serve more food and beverages), and still show off your favorite succulents and other plants.

5. Rainbow Crochet Shawl

Rainbow crochet shawl draped over a wooden fence in front of a grassy area

Fringe and Rainbow? Yes please! Wear this shawl, or throw it over a couch or chair that needs a little extra Cinco De Mayo Touch.

6. Colorful Wrapped Rope Basket

Store party favors, snacks, and other fun surprises in these Wrapped Rope Baskets. Quick and easy to make, these woven baskets are made from 100% Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon

7. Add Pom Poms To Your Clothing

When in doubt, add colorful pom pom's: To shoes, scarves, necklaces, string, or even put them in a mason jar as a fun centerpiece!

Learn how to make pom pom's by hand here, invest in a pom pom making tool, or even buy some felt balls.  

8. Kantha Quilt Throw Blanket

Give your guests something to stay warm as night approaches with these Kantha Quilt Throw Blankets. 

9. Cactus Amigurumi Kit

Three stuffed cacti (called amigurumi) are placed on a wooden table, next to a large grey ceramic planter.

Who wouldn't love a little dessert cactus to spice up your table? And you don't have to worry about this one dying on you!

10. Mexicali Dreams Beanie Knitting Kit

This beanie kit is bright and luxurious! Perfect if you're still feeling a little chill!

11. Mexicali Dreams Winter Headband Crochet Kit

We've got Mexicali patterns out the wazoo! If you love the bright and festive colors of Cinco De Mayo, this is a great kit for you!

12. Modern Open Poncho Crochet Kit

Light and airy, this poncho is the perfect pop of color to make you party ready!

13. Southwest Waters Earring Kit

Looking for a little bit of bling to finish off your party outfit? How about these Southwest Water Earrings that you can make yourself!

14. Handmade Recycled Sari Silk Bunting Banner

Do your walls need a little love? These bunting banners are all one of a kind and are perfect for your party!

15. Festive Scallop Garland Crochet Kit

Would you rather handmake your party banners? Don't worry, we've got this awesome garland kit for you!!

16. Patchwork Scarf with Tassels

A petite woman with short dark hait and a black tank top is sporting one of our multicolored patchwork scarf with tassels. The woman's body is facing away from the camera and the scarf is blowing in the wind.

Remember what we said about tassels?

17. Baja Poncho

Flowy and relaxed, these ponchos are perfect for partying it up, or relaxing the day after! These come in three funky colors to match your party perfectly!

18. Zaria One Of A Kind Wrap Dress

Talk about bringing those fiesta vibes! These stunning wrap dresses come with color, frills, and a silky feel that will swing beautifully while you dance. After all - what's a party without music!?

19. Tibet Jewel Bucket Bag Kit

These ultra-easy and colorful bucket bags are perfect for goodie bags!

20. Recycled Silk Super Bulky Yarn

Skeins of bulky yarn in all the colors of the rainbow spread out on a white ground.

Bulky yarn is perfect for any other DIY decorations that you can think of! Our Mexicali bundle comes with a rainbow of festive colors that will really make your fiesta the rainbow talk of the town!

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