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DIY Decorations and Inspiration for Your Cinco De Mayo Party

April 05, 2018 4 min read

DIY Decorations and Inspiration for Your Cinco De Mayo Party

It’s time for a fiesta! Get inspiration and materials for your DIY decorations with this list of 20 project ideas that will spice up your Cinco De Mayo Party.

DIY Cinco De Mayo Decorations

1. Sari Silk Ribbon Garland

Our Sari Silk Ribbon comes in a variety of vibrant colors that make fun, vibrant tassels! String them on a piece of hemp or rope to create a garland that you can hang from your ceiling, on your wall, or along the edge of a table. 

Check out the full tutorial here

Photo: Emily Loeffelman

2. Cactus Pillow

Add a cute flair to any sofa or chair with this cactus pillow!

Click here to view the tutorial.

3. Sunshine Mat

This Sunshine Mat Pattern makes the perfect table centerpiece! Made from our Banana Fiber Yarn, this decoration is 100% plant based, making it the cutest eco-friendly decor piece. 


4. Paper Flowers

With only tissue paper, a stapler, and the knowledge of an accordion fold, you can make bold paper flowers to add along the arch of a doorway, to a wreath, or to make a bouquet!

View the tutorial here

5. Crochet Flowers

These Crochet Flowers are quick and easy to make with Sari Silk Ribbon, giving you a sturdy result that will last long past the duration of your fiesta. Add these flowers to a wreath, a garland, a headband, or necklace

Check out the tutorial here

6. Mason Jar Coozies

No need to go out and buy new vases for your party with this Mason Jar Coozie Pattern! Bold colors will add a natural vibrancy to your centerpieces. 

7. Tiered Rainbow Plant Hanger

No decor says Cinco De Mayo quite like bright colors and greenery. With this Tiered Rainbow Plant Hanger, you can save up on table space (so you can serve more food and beverages), and still show off your favorite succulents and other plants.



8. Pinata Inspired Napkin Rings

Add a fun flair to simple table settings with these fun and vibrant napkin rings. All you need to make these  are toilet paper rolls, tissue paper, glue, and scissors!

View the tutorial here


10. Rainbow Crochet Shawl

Fringe and Rainbow? Yes please!

Wear this shawl, or throw it over a couch or chair that needs a little extra Cinco De Mayo Touch. 

10. Colorful Wrapped Rope Basket

Store party favors, snacks, and other fun surprises in these Wrapped Rope Baskets. Quick and easy to make, these woven baskets are made from 100% Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon

11. Placemat/Potholder Set

With this Placemat and Potholder Set, you won't have to worry about making a bunch of table decorations. These vibrant colors and patterns look great under a plate full of tacos and guacamole. 

Photo: Caroline Issa for LK Bennett

12. Add Pom Pom’s To Your Clothing

When in doubt, add colorful pom pom's: To shoes, scarves, necklaces, string, or even put them in a mason jar as a fun centerpiece!

Learn how to make pom pom's by hand here, invest in a pom pom making tool, or even buy some felt balls.  

Photo: Jessica Bugham 

13. DIY Donkey Pinata

Get the party going with this adorable DIY Donkey Pinata!

Check out the tutorial here

Photo: Handmade Charlotte 

14. Pipe Cleaner Cactus

These Pipe Cleaner Cactus make the perfect drink and food table centerpiece! Place tealights underneath each of these to create a subtle ambiance for a night time party. 

15. Exotic Tote Bag

Intricate embroidery work involving sequins, pom pom's, and thread make this tote bag stand out! Bring it to one of your friends parties, or carry it around your own and use it to store party favors (...or collect candy from the pinata) 

Photo: Unknown Source

16. Pom Pom Wall Hanging

Practice your pom pom making skills with this wall hanging! Simply make your pom pom's in a variety of sizes and colors, string them onto a piece of yarn, then hang them from a branch. 


16. Kantha Quilt Throw Blanket

Give your guests something to stay warm as night approaches with these Kantha Quilt Throw Blankets. 


18. Fringe Watercolor Pillow

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this fringey Watercolor Pillow Pattern is a cute and simple way to bring some glamour to the furniture you already have! 

Photo: Unknown Source

19. Festival Wreath

Unleash your creativity with a festival wreath! Make flowers and pom poms (see #5 and #12) to attach to the base, then hang Sari Silk Ribbon from the bottom, in a variety of colors and lengths. 

This wreath can be made similar to a dreamcatcher. As opposed to weaving, simply glue and tie your flowers and pom poms around the base. View the tutorial here

20. Serape Notepad

Keep track of your to-do lists, or game scores, with this cute notepad! Inspired by Mexican Serape Blankets, these notepads can also easily fit into a purse or tote bag