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Knitting Tool for Pom Pom Maker

Like the cherry on the hot fudge sundae, pom poms sometimes add the needed touch to make your project deliciously complete. Add a big pom pom to a hat, a small one as a tassel for a cord. Where ever you add a pom pom, this tool is perfect for making different size pom poms and helping you to complete a yummy project!

Material: Plastic
Size: Approx:9cm(3 4/8")-3.5cm(1 3/8")
Quantity: 4 sizes per package

Additional Information: Diameter Approx 9cm(3 4/8"),7cm(2 6/8"),5.5cm(2 1/8"),3.5cm(3 4/8"). Easy to use with the help of instruction, you need yarn, string and scissors to complete.

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