teal kantha blanket
two kantha quiltshanging from a green truck's open windows. Left to right blue and pink.
Stack of assorted  kantha quilt blankets on top of a wooden hamper with a vibrant rainforest  kantha pillow on top.
3 kantha quilts draped over the back of a white door, with a white wall surrounding. From left to right is blue, pink, and purple.
Closeup of tropical oasis kantha quilt pattern.
Orange Symphony kantha quilt at the age of a bed folded into a square on top of white bedding
Closeup of orange symphony  kantha quilt pattern.
Closeup of by the sea kantha quilt pattern.
Closeup of night lily kantha quilt pattern.
Night Lily Kantha quilt laying at the end of a bed with white bedding underneath.
Closeup of Robin's Egg  kantha quilt pattern.
Purple kantha quilt blanket laying on a deck chair outside
Closeup of paisley fiesta kantha quilt pattern.
Closeup of vibrant rainforest kantha quilt pattern.
Nicole on Katha quilt in the park

Handmade Kantha Quilt Blanket

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Time to get cozy. An extra throw is always in need especially for those binge tv sessions. Do it the Darn Good way with our hand-stitched Kantha Blankets. Kantha is a quilting technique that we apply to supply Indian cotton that makes for a colorful and exotically rich blanket. It'll be your new favorite in no time. 

When you're not trying to get cozy, these blankets ROCK at the beach, park or wherever else you might make a picnic. 

100% cotton. Machine wash on a gentle cycle in cold water. (Pro tip: wash it alone to avoid any snags on the stitching- don't ask us how we know)tumble dry on very low heat.

    Looking to complete the look with a set of pillow cases? click here to get the bundle.

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