A dark purple background with white text reading 'DGY Team Favorites 2022' with a purple skein of worsted weight yarn in the left upper corner and colorful silk wrapped packages in the bottom right.

2022 DGY Team Favorites

We try not to play favorites here, we really do! But..it’s almost impossible not to! We’re only human!:

With that said, here’s the list of our team’s favorites for 2022!:

Nicole - The Boss Dog Herself: The Tunisian Nights Kaftan

Nicole Snow, founder and CEO, is a woman with long red curly hair, wearing a light blue wrap dress in front of a red brick wall.

Mike - Super Dad & Safety Steve: One Of A Kind Silk Neck Tie.

Mike, a man with red hair and a beard is wearing a checkered shirt is standing in front of a colorful pink and purple yarn wall

Anna - Boss Dog Jr & Painter : Canvas and Paint Set Starter Pack

Anna, the young daughter of Mike and Nicole, is smiling at the camera next to her mother.

Ripley - Darn Good Yarn’s Goodest Boy : Felt Ball Dog Bed 

Ripley, a small white and brown terrier is in front of a white and purple heart background.

Kate - Stressed For Crafting Success: Worsted Weight Silk Sparkle Yarn 

Kate, a person with short brown hair and glasses is smiling at the camera.

Pearl - DGY Security & Sometimes A Good Girl : Treats…oh, and the medley scarves 

Pearl, a black dog wearing a colorful scarf is looking up, being held by a person wearing a bright blue hoodie

Kevin -Whos’ Skin is GLOWING : Pride Yarn Collection with the Capital Pride Center!

Kevin, a man with short brown hair is wearing a zebra patterned short sleeved shirt in front of a light purple background.

Alex - The Man Who Can Do Everything : Furoshiki Wrap!

Alex, a man with short dark hair is leaning against a chair, behind him is a multicolored yarn wall

Sam - Our Dear Captain : Sam’s Sari Wrap Skirts - Join Our Sari Skirt Group To Join Sam’s Sales! 

Sam, a girl with long black hair is wearing a black shirt and a ship's captains hat
A purple button with a QR code that if clicked or scanned will bring you to the DGY- Sari Wrap Skirt Facebook Group

Kat - The Money Master : Sari Wrap Skirt 

Kat, a smiling blonde woman wearing a black shirt against a multicolored yarn background

Kristen - Wholesale Hooligan & Husky Wrangler : Recycled Sari Curtain Drapes! 

Kristen, a girl with long blonde hair and a brown beanie is against a light purple background

Gabby - Fashion Artist & New Plant Mom : Furoshiki Wrap

Gabby, a girl with long brown hair is in the forest, looking down as she adjusts her sari headband.

Chris - The Warehouse God: Umbrellas 

Chris, a guy wearing a black hoodie and a teal cap is against a light pink background

Kaylene - Wonderful Warehouse Warrior : Felt Ball Dog Bed 

A colorful felt ball pet bed is on the ground, surrounded by holiday dog squeaky toys.

Tati - Our Nightmare Before Christmas Queen: Firecracker Yarn

Tatiayna, a woman with glasses and long red hair, is wearing a black and white jersey, against a light mint green background.

Ally - Social Media Socialite : Sparkle Worsted Weight in Frost Bite

Ally, a woman with glasses and dark hair is holding her white and grey cat, on a light pink background.

Mac - Our Favorite Hippie Art Goth : Sedona Patchwork Skirts

Mac, a woman with long blonde hair is against a light purple background.

Izzy - Warehouse Bada$$: Maxi length sari silk wrap skirts, specifically the ones in jewel tones.

A dark woman wearing a light blue top and a bright orange and purple sari wrap skirt.

Eliza - Cool & Calm Customer Service Mom : Upcycled Sari Scrunchies

Eliza, a woman with glasses and short blonde hair wearing a black and white checkered shirt on a light purple background

Claudia - Gorgeous Customer Service Goddess: Mine is the good old DGY skirts because it is inclusive

Claudia, a woman with long dark hair and a bright blue blazer against a light purple background

Evan: The Returning Warehouse CHAMP!: Furoshiki Wrap

Three presents wrapped with colorful furoshiki recycled wrapping fabric

We hope you try some of our favorites  - we swear by them!

We hope you have a happy 2023!


Team DGY 

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