2022 DGY Team Favorites - Darn Good Yarn

2022 DGY Team Favorites

We try not to play favorites here, we really do! But..it’s almost impossible not to! We’re only human!:

With that said, here’s the list of our team’s favorites for 2022!:

Nicole - The Boss Dog Herself: The Tunisian Nights Kaftan

Nicole Snow, founder and CEO, is a woman with long red curly hair, wearing a light blue wrap dress in front of a red brick wall.

Mike - Super Dad & Safety Steve: One Of A Kind Silk Neck Tie.

Mike, a man with red hair and a beard is wearing a checkered shirt is standing in front of a colorful pink and purple yarn wall

Anna - Boss Dog Jr & Painter : Canvas and Paint Set Starter Pack

Anna, the young daughter of Mike and Nicole, is smiling at the camera next to her mother.

Ripley - Darn Good Yarn’s Goodest Boy : Felt Ball Dog Bed 

Ripley, a small white and brown terrier is in front of a white and purple heart background.

Kate - Stressed For Crafting Success: Worsted Weight Silk Sparkle Yarn 

Kate, a person with short brown hair and glasses is smiling at the camera.

Pearl - DGY Security & Sometimes A Good Girl : Treats…oh, and the medley scarves 

Pearl, a black dog wearing a colorful scarf is looking up, being held by a person wearing a bright blue hoodie

Kevin -Whos’ Skin is GLOWING : Pride Yarn Collection with the Capital Pride Center!

Kevin, a man with short brown hair is wearing a zebra patterned short sleeved shirt in front of a light purple background.

Alex - The Man Who Can Do Everything : Furoshiki Wrap!

Alex, a man with short dark hair is leaning against a chair, behind him is a multicolored yarn wall

Sam - Our Dear Captain : Sam’s Sari Wrap Skirts - Join Our Sari Skirt Group To Join Sam’s Sales! 

Sam, a girl with long black hair is wearing a black shirt and a ship's captains hat
A purple button with a QR code that if clicked or scanned will bring you to the DGY- Sari Wrap Skirt Facebook Group

Kat - The Money Master : Sari Wrap Skirt 

Kat, a smiling blonde woman wearing a black shirt against a multicolored yarn background

Kristen - Wholesale Hooligan & Husky Wrangler : Recycled Sari Curtain Drapes! 

Kristen, a girl with long blonde hair and a brown beanie is against a light purple background

Gabby - Fashion Artist & New Plant Mom : Furoshiki Wrap

Gabby, a girl with long brown hair is in the forest, looking down as she adjusts her sari headband.

Chris - The Warehouse God: Umbrellas 

Chris, a guy wearing a black hoodie and a teal cap is against a light pink background

Kaylene - Wonderful Warehouse Warrior : Felt Ball Dog Bed 

A colorful felt ball pet bed is on the ground, surrounded by holiday dog squeaky toys.

Tati - Our Nightmare Before Christmas Queen: Firecracker Yarn

Tatiayna, a woman with glasses and long red hair, is wearing a black and white jersey, against a light mint green background.

Ally - Social Media Socialite : Sparkle Worsted Weight in Frost Bite

Ally, a woman with glasses and dark hair is holding her white and grey cat, on a light pink background.

Mac - Our Favorite Hippie Art Goth : Sedona Patchwork Skirts

Mac, a woman with long blonde hair is against a light purple background.

Izzy - Warehouse Bada$$: Maxi length sari silk wrap skirts, specifically the ones in jewel tones.

A dark woman wearing a light blue top and a bright orange and purple sari wrap skirt.

Eliza - Cool & Calm Customer Service Mom : Upcycled Sari Scrunchies

Eliza, a woman with glasses and short blonde hair wearing a black and white checkered shirt on a light purple background

Claudia - Gorgeous Customer Service Goddess: Mine is the good old DGY skirts because it is inclusive

Claudia, a woman with long dark hair and a bright blue blazer against a light purple background

Evan: The Returning Warehouse CHAMP!: Furoshiki Wrap

Three presents wrapped with colorful furoshiki recycled wrapping fabric

We hope you try some of our favorites  - we swear by them!

We hope you have a happy 2023!


Team DGY 

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