Rainbow Oasis: Recycled Sari Curtain Drapes

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Why we love it!

Adorn your home with a vibrant and beautiful recycled sari drape. 

  • The same fun patterns and colors you already love to hang in your closet, can now beautify your windows, doorways, outdoor pergola, or bed set!
  • Our One of a Kind Recycled Sari Drape comes in three sizes; a short, a long and extra long outdoor patio version.  
  • Each panel is a different color so color requests are difficult to accommodate. 
  • If buying for an outdoor pergola we suggest 6 drapes!

Did you know?

  • The word sari refers to the traditional fabric and clothing style that women in India wear every day. Made from a blend of silk and polyester, saris have often been discarded to landfills and not repurposed– until we showed up!
  • Due to the handmade nature of these drapes, they are sold as individual panels. Since each drape panel is handmade, sewn together from recycled sari garments, the lengths may vary slightly. These little details are a reminder of the skill and work that artisans have put into each piece, giving your windows and doorway even more unique charm and character. 
    • Short: 50" W X 65-68" L
    • Long: 50" W X 85-88" L 
    • Outdoor Patio: 68-69" W by 71" L 

Note: Measurements include the hanging loops, sold as single panels.
  • 100% reclaimed traditional sari material sourced in India. Each piece of fabric has been on a journey of its own! They are lovingly handmade at our partnered co-ops. People Friendly. Earth Friendly.
  • Lightweight and airy by design. Enjoy watching the colorful panels dance around on a breezy day.
Care Instructions
  1. Place in a mesh bag.
  2. Wash on a cold gentle cycle with silk-friendly detergent.
  3. Hang to dry.
  4. Steam if necessary to remove wrinkles, or iron on a cool setting.

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