Model is holding an Embellished Parasol Umbrella with blurred trees in the background.
Model is standing in an apple orchard holding an orange Embellished Parasol Umbrella
Model is holding a colorful Embellished Parasol Umbrella while standing in a pumpkin patch.
Embellished Parasol Umbrella folded up leaning against a tree,
Video of little model hiding under an embellished parasol umbrella with elephants on it.

Embellished Parasol Umbrellas

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Why we love it!

Perfect for summer, holidays, and festivals. These handmade one-of-a-kind Embellished Parasols will keep you cool.

  • Each of these parasols is embellished with embroidery detailing, mirrors, tassels and more! Pick up yours today!
  • Available in two different sizes  - Regular 24" & Extra Large 30" wide.
  • Made from recycled materials, no two parasols are exactly alike!

The regular sized parasol is perfect and roomy for one! Our extra large size is great for a friend and you!

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