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Fisherman's Beanie | Easy DIY Crochet Beanie

Written by Kate Curry

During Halloween, my friends and I love to watch scary movies at night together over zoom. My favorite spooky movie is Jaws and as a kid I was IN LOVE with Matt Hooper. I was re-watching Jaws this year and I noticed that he had a cute little blue braided hat on while he was on the Orca and I thought…I could make a hat like that…how would I crochet a beanie like that…. 

Matt Hooper, a character in the Jaws movie.
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So if you’re like me and you’re finding yourself in need of a fisherman’s beanie for fall, look no further! I’ve got a super easy crochet pattern for you! 



Hat will fit most people - the finished hat has a 21 inch circumference and is very stretchy! 
The hat is created by making a large rectangle, which is then stitched together and cinched at the top. 


CO: Cast on 
CH(s): Chain(s) 
HDC: Half double crochet 
BLO: Back loop only 
SLST: Slip stitch 


Round 1: Co and ch 50.
Round 2: In the 3rd ch from your hook, make a hdc. Hdc the rest of the row.
Round 3: Ch 2 and turn. Hdc in the blo for the whole row.
Round 4-50: Repeat round 3
A rectangle made of white, yellow, and blue yarn.

Round 5: Ch 1 and fold your rectangle in half, with the wrong side facing out. With the two sides sandwiched together, slst up the edges, stitching them together. Knot off and leave a long tail for cinching the top together.
A closeup of the edges of the beanie being slip stitched together

Round 6: Take your long tail and your yarn needle and stitch through the top of your hat and pull, creating a drawstring effect. Tie a tight knot to secure the closure!
Round 7: Fold your beanie inside out! You can fold the brim over and use the leftover yarn to stitch the brim or you can leave the brim as-is and fold it (or keep it loose!) whenever you toss it on!
A person with glasses and short blond hair is wearing the blue, white, and yellow worsted weight beanie.
A braided/corded beanie made from white, blue, and yellow worsted weight sparkly yarn.

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