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How To Crochet: Chain Stitch

Before You Start

Learn the basis for all crochet projects with this chain stitch tutorial!

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Step By Step

chain stitch step 1

Step 1

Leaving a short tail, make a slipknot with your yarn.

chain stitch step 2

Step 2

Place your slipknot on your hook and tighten gently

chain sticht step 3

Step 3

In your right hand, hold your crochet hook as you would hold a knife while keeping the slipknot on the hook.

chain stitch step 4

Step 4

In your left hand, wrap your yarn once around your pinky and up over your pointer finger.

chain stich step 5

Step 5

Between your thumb and middle finger on your left hand, hold your work in place.

chain stitch step 6

Step 6

To begin your first chain, sweep your hook under the strand of yarn in your left hand.

chain stsitch step 7

Step 7

Rotate the hook towards you to hook the yarn. This is known as a yarn-over.

chain stitch step 8

Step 8

Gently use the hook to pull the piece of yarn through the slipknot.

chain stitch step 9

Step 9

You have now chained one stitch! The slipknot will now be your first chain.

chain stitch step 10

Step 10

Repeat steps 6-9 to continue your foundation chain.

single crochet

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