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15 Reasons to Learn How to Knit


Some of us knit and some of us don't! With knitting being such a cool past time, it's time to jump in to this great hobby...or is it an addiction? Give it a try and see where it leads you! I love to encourage people to knit and there is no better time than now! Like the puddle that you can't resist, jump in to the joy of knitting!

Here is a list of why you are going to benefit from learning how to knit:

1.Darn Good Yarn is really amazing and now that you know about us, it's time to try our fibers!

Moment of Zen Shawl

2.Knitting has great meditational qualities and with this world being so crazy we all could use a Moment of Zen (Shawl Pattern). Time for reflection charges our batteries and what better way then with this lovely knit shawl!

3.Let's face it! The world is full of hoarders and we need to be more practical about what we have. So if you need to collect something, let it be unique fibers. Yes, your stash will grow but in learning to knit you are going to use some yarn, too. Then you can buy more...this is starting to sound like a long thread of fun!

Handspun yarn - Darn Good Yarn

4.In buying fiber from Darn Good Yarn, did you know you are saving Mother Earth? To date over 1,000,000 lbs of sari waste has been saved from the landfill. How cool is that? And you're going to love the pattern possibilities with our handspun yarns!

Banana Yarn - Darn Good YarnBanana Fiber - Darn Good Yarn

5.Vegan lifestyle is important to many of us and in learning to knit, you will be able to make things for yourself or your vegan friends. Banana fiber and hemp are two plant based fibers we carry and the fact that they are bio-degradable means that your knitting is 100% earth friendly!

Darn Good Yarn Bag

6.Are you a light traveler? Me, too! I love going places and I always pack a knitting project so that I can keep busy on the journey. It's nice to take a few minutes out of a crazy trip for yourself and to knit a few stitches....you'll find knitting to be a great travel buddy!

7.Shhh! Here's a well kept secret about knitting! It really is far easier than you think and you need to lose the mystique about knitting. Grab some needles, watch a YouTube video, and play with the process. The best way to learn is to keep it very simple and practice over and over and over....

8.Creativity is something that we all have! Learning to knit means you will learn stitches, try patterns, and make "stuff"! The cool part about that is you will find a creative mind within! You'll be mixing fibers, colors, textures, and maybe even patterns before you know it!

9.Arcing back to #7, this is not rocket science, Yes, you will keep your mind busy and your heart happy with joy of creating but the idea of knitting is to learn it and to enjoy it! This really is a fun thing to learn!

10.Learning new things and feeling useful, too! Yes, learning to knit means you are learning something and once you get the basics, you can make yourself a scarf or a blanket.

Arm Knit Scarf - Darn Good Yarn

11.If you are crafting enough to make something for yourself, you can make gifts for others. Arm knitting is one great idea for making scarves that are super fast and you will be able to check people off on your gifting list!

12.Friends and family are going to be incredibly impressed with what you've learned and will be thrilled to receive a hand made gift from you. Your cool factor just went up exponentially with learning to knit!

13.Learning anything new can be challenging and how cool is it, that you will be able to talk about knitting with your neighbor down the road, the knitting club at your library, or the stranger at the doctor's office. Knitting is a great conversation starter and people love helping new knitters!

14.Yes, you have a few things to learn but before you know it, you will be teaching those around you about knitting. You know they are envious of your new talent and the hand knit items that you are creating! Share some patterns with your knitting friends!

Artfully Yours Poncho - Darn Good Yarn


15.So like a circular needle, I am coming back to the beginning! The fibers you learn about will enhance how you knit. Darn Good Yarn has some amazing fibers that are earth friendly and provide fair trade work for families.

It's easy to get stuck with what we know and yet, so freeing to step outside our comfort zone. Trying fibers that are handspun or recycled will help you to learn more about knitting and really up your creative factor to super cool! Nicole invites you to jump in and learn how to knit!

Here at DGY, we love being supportive of new learners and old experts so please do let us help you with learning to knit! Jump in now and you are going to love the Splash you make! How can we help you learn to knit?