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Plus Sized Style Guide: Style Examples

What Is Considered Plus Size?

Plus sized clothing doesn’t have an exact number attached to it. Generally, most stores and brands consider plus sized clothing to begin around size 14-16, give or take. Depending on who you ask, the answer can begin as low as a size 8. By that range, plus sized fashion may just be more common than ‘regular’ sizes, as the average size in America is about 14.

Hold up. This is important.

Though each retailer has their own way of hashing out sizes, generally speaking, plus sized clothing begins at the average. This means that plus sized fashion is really just above zero, while regular sizes are below zero, from a cultural point of view.

So… Why Are There Plus Size Clothes?

Plus sized clothing is simply cut from different angles, and made to fit a different body shape. Some brands will also take style into consideration, and offer more styles that are flattering to plus sized body shapes and types. If you look at a curvy plus size model, it’s easy to see that the horizontal lines are at different proportions than her sisters in smaller sizes. The natural waist at its narrowest will be higher up, toward the mid-ribcage, while her hips will have more of a gradual shape transitioning down toward her knees. Plus size clothing is made to accommodate this shape, so that it pulls and flows in all of the right places.

Plus Size Women’s Clothing That Will Boost Confidence

The goal of fashion and style is to enhance your natural features as they suit you. Bolder, sharper, and more masculine women may prefer to dress in clean lines and strong or dark colors. Many plus sized women feel challenged to find their fit, especially if they are softer and more feminine in style. Rest assured, you can absolutely feel like a princess in plus size clothing. Let’s take a look at how it’s done:

Best Tall & Plus Sized Fashion Outfit

Duster jacket fashion for tall plus sized women.

Sophia Silk Duster

This duster adds a frame to the vertical line, and smooths the silhouette down to taper inward at the knees. It also naturally falls to fit the curve of the bust, creating a knockout look that shows off all of the best parts of being curvy!

The Fairy Tale Feminine Plus Sized Staple

Plus sized fashion model in a Peacock maxi dress.

Peacock Maxi Dress

This flowy cottage-core look is perfect for feeling like a princess in plus size clothing. In this dress, the bust-line carries the entire silhouette, and the breeze takes the rest. This feminine power dress signals a free spirit, and an active mind standing in a shroud of soft, misted emotions.

A Custom Curvy Plus Size Dress

Sedona patchwork dress on a plus sized model.

Sedona Patchwork Dress

This dress has the mother of all advantages when it comes to plus size style: adjustability. Tie the neckline exactly where you need it, and let the bottom edge of the bandeau section align perfectly with the natural bend of your shape.

The Ultimate Plus Sized Top For Low-Confidence Days

Plus sized fashion alternative to the batwing top with drawstring at the waist.

Aanya Adjustable Short Kaftan

Every woman, big or small -actually, every person on this planet- has low-confidence days. Self esteem ebbs and flows a little bit, and that’s totally normal. But, what do we do when we feel low? We hide. You should never, ever, ever stifle your personality because you feel down about your looks, and if you’re having a tough time with your silhouette, you might be tempted to keep your body language small. This blouse says no. These are your butterfly wings; and you’re gonna fly.

Plus Sized Clothing For Apple Body Shape

Zaria wrap dress, flattering for apple shaped body type.

The Zaria Wrap Dress

Lastly, we have the Zaria Wrap Dress. This dress is perfect for apple shaped bodies, because it wraps around the front and pulls from the back to be tied. This design lays flat in the front, and creates that little bit of extra waist from the curve of your back. The result? The perfect cinch!

At the end of the day, feeling good in your clothes is just a matter of choosing the right fits for your shape, and making the most of what you love about yourself! It doesn’t matter if that’s rounded, soft shoulders, green eyeliner, or really fierce taste in shoes! Just excel at being you, and the rest will fall into place naturally.