Aanya Short Recycled Sari Kaftan Dress

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This kaftan dress can be an easy, one-step outfit or the foundation for a cozy layered look. Like our fan favorite sari skirts, these are made from recycled materials by our partner artisans in India. Each kaftan supports sustainable, dignified artisan jobs -- a truly special piece.

Every piece is 100% unique and one of a kind. Please leave us comments about the colors & designs you love (and the ones you don't) in the notes section when you checkout. This will allow us to truly hand-pick your one-of-a-kind Aanya Short Recycled Sari Kaftan Dress!

One size fits most. Drawstring waist. 

Note from Nicole:

First, here’s something you may or may not know about me. I struggle with my weight. Up and down the scale.. and God forbid I look at a donut.. I somehow telepathically ingest the calories.
So, when I run Darn Good Yarn, I make and design products that works for people like me. So, that tight pair of jeans doesn’t get a lot of air time.
Instead, I describe my look as Frankie (have you Netflix’d Grace and Frankie?! OMG my fave) meets some who walks around artfully blissful that should have a glass of champagne in her hand.. but in the Ab Fab (another show you NEED) sort of way.
That means, I dress for comfort but I also dress for color and interesting layers that don’t make me feel bad if I go up the scale a little.
That’s why I’m so freaking E-X-C-I-T-E-D to bring the Kaftan style top to you.
And HELLO it’s made from reclaimed sari material. So everyone is just as unique as you! xoxo, Nicole

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