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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Right Yarn for Your Next Project

If you've got a project in mind for your next knitting, crocheting, or weaving endeavor, you are probably excited to get started! You may have chosen a pattern already, but if you're still on the hunt or just searching for more inspiration, check out all of the intriguing options on our website

After you've determined your project type and have found a pattern, it's time to decide which yarn to create your masterpiece with. This is a very important step, as it will determine the color, appearance, texture and thickness of your finished piece. 

So, how do you choose the right yarn for your next project? We've put together this ultimate guide to help you make the best decision possible! 

Based on your answers to the following questions, you will be able to discover multiple types of yarn that will work well for your next endeavor.

Will you be knitting, crocheting or weaving your next project?

Yak Wool Yarn ball on a white background

Although most yarns can be used to both knit and crochet, some are easier and more efficient to use for knitting while others are better suited for crochet projects. Thinner yarns are often good for knitting, helping to keep stitches tighter and more uniform. Fluffier, thicker yarns are great for crocheting because their bulk nicely fills in the gaps left by single and double crochet rows. 

Picture the item you're going to make. Which feature is the most important? 

3 cakes of Spice Market Yarn on a white background

The type of the yarn that you choose will determine the features of the finished project. Are you aiming for an exceptionally warm hat? A stylish and show-stopping shawl? Maybe a super soft and cozy sweater? Texture, color and overall appearance are all dependent on your yarn selection. 

This leads us to our next couple of questions... 

What Texture Are You Looking For? 

Chiffon Ribbon Yarn made into scarf sitting on a mannequin

When envisioning your finished project, how do you want it to feel? What will it be used for? Do you imagine something soft and smooth? Or maybe a little more durable and rustic? Either way, there is a yarn for you! 

Yarns are available in many different textures, and texture matters because the composition of your yarn will influence the texture of your finished product. For example, our Chiffon Ribbon Yarn is super soft and luxurious, making it great option for scarves and throw blankets. Lace Weight Recycled Silk Yarn has a smooth and lightweight texture that makes it a superb choice for beanies and shawls, and our worsted weight yarn has a more fibrous texture that is terrific for heavier sweaters and hats. 

What Colors Are You Looking For?

Pickled Pear Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn ball on a white background

When you envision your finished project, most likely you've got a color, or a even a variety of colors in mind! This is an area in which you have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to fiber arts! Do you want your sweater to be green with black undertones, or maybe fuchsia with light blue speckles? Thanks to the wide variety of yarn colors available in today's market, your project can be literally any color you want it to be!  

If you're like us here at Darn Good Yarn, you appreciate colors that are bright, rich, and unique. Our thoughtfully handmade and recycled yarns feature a rare and vivid array of colors! We offer everything from Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn in Pickled Pear, to Sport Weight Silk Yarn in a Caribbean Current Blue, to our Lux Adventure Yarn in Sunflower Yellow. Without a doubt, the perfect color for your next venture is available!

How Will Your Yarn Impact the Environment?
Premium Silk Yarn ball on a white background

At Darn Good Yarn, we believe that all of us can make a positive impact and Do Darn Good in the world we live in. Part of our mission to make the world a better place includes providing eco-friendly product options for our customers. The creation of these products also provides sustainable employment for fiber workers and artisans in Nepal and India. 

Items made out of synthetic and acrylic yarns, when discarded, often have a negative impact on the environment due to their inability to biodegrade. In addition, the chemical byproducts of manufacturing many of these yarns are harmful as well. Thankfully, there are better options! 

Our unique recycled yarns, such as our Banana Fiber and Premium Silk Yarn, are 100% natural and environmentally safe. When creating a project with recycled yarn, you are making an up-cycled item that can be used for years to come!



We hope that this post has helped you in this important decision making process! If you have any other great tips for choosing the best yarn, please tell us about them in the comments below! 

Need some more help choosing the right yarn? Take our What Yarn Should You Use For Your Next Project? quiz! 

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