The Made With Love Experiment Podcast - Darn Good Yarn

The Made With Love Experiment Podcast

At Darn Good Yarn, everything we do starts at love.

Since having my daughter, Anna two years ago.. I find myself in a constant balancing act  - seeking harmony between home and work life, yet still have creative output in both worlds.

This podcast is a look into the lives of makers, women, entrepreneurs as we dissect what it is that helps us curate life on our own terms. 

Creativity is not just for some crafting supplies and a pattern. I believe creativity can fuel you to to live your best life… and yes it’s all an experiment.

Join me as we dive into the world of these special individuals.  My hope is that you take some morsels of encouragement and empowerment so you can go and create your best life! The latest podcast episodes can be found below.

xo, Nicole

Founder & CEO, Darn Good Yarn


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