Close up of woman's face with text that reads '@rizzaknits Stop Fighting Your Instincts, The made with love Experiment Podcast'

Episode 8 of the Made With Love Experiment Ft. Cassondra of @RizzaKnits

"The best advice I've ever been given: You are not for everyone, and that's OK."

Cassondra (aka @RizzaKnits on Instagram) is unapologetically a queen of color, which can be appreciated through a quick scroll of her Instagram feed. As a knitwear artist, teacher, painter, and all-around creative person, she had to fight past negative feelings that people wouldn't like her or that she's too much. Instead, Cassondra learned to embrace her instincts and trust the creative process. 

"The less that I think about it and the more I go with it, the more I love it."

Sound advice that everyone could benefit from practicing more of. 

You can view more of Cassondra's work on her website!