Episode 3 of the Made with Love Experiment ft. Jenny of @TwoWinks_ - Darn Good Yarn

Episode 3 of the Made with Love Experiment ft. Jenny of @TwoWinks_

 "I don't even feel the breeze anymore."

In this episode of Made with Love, Nicole Snow chats with Jenny aka @TwoWinks about the challenges of being a small business owner, Mom, and Wife while having creative output and feeling successful. 

Jenny is a knitwear designer and mom to baby Tommy (who is adorable, bouncing on Jenny's lap for most of their chat). As you may know, Nicole is a mom to 2 year old Anna, and our fearless leader at Darn Good Yarn.


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Jenny found her love for knitting while planning her wedding. 

"I was stressed. Really stressed. Knitting was my xanax of crafting. It relaxes me. That's how I got into it and I continue to knit for me, and thats how its always going to be. The fact I get to make money off of this is just extra."

From there, Jenny started making hats for her (then) fiancé and his friends, and people started asking if she sold them. As a poor college student, she quickly saw the opportunity and said "yes!".

Jenny currently accepts custom orders directly through Instagram messenger. Following exchanges on Instagram, Jenny hops on a call with her customers and through this process, Jenny usually creates her most unique pieces because she's challenges herself to make it 100% what the customer wants with a'fit-first' design approach.

Jenny's goal for 2019 is to establish an online shop on Etsy. (Do you have experience starting an Etsy shop? Please share any insight below!)

Jenny recently designed the magical Mermaid Vibes Infinity Scarf using Darn Good Lace Weight Silk Yarn.

Mermaid Waves Infinity Scarf by @TwoWInks_

The Made With Love Experiment is an ongoing conversation with small business owners, Moms, and interesting people to decompose their craft and spread knowledge and love - to do our part in making this world a better one. Join the conversation in the comments below or on Instagram, @NicoleSnow @TwoWinks. #StartAtLove