Sustainable Crafting and Fashion | April Edition - Darn Good Yarn

Sustainable Crafting and Fashion | April Edition

Written by Kate Curry

April has been a fantastic month here at DGY! Thanks to our awesome community, we have been able to plant 911 trees and saved 9,682 pounds of textiles, fiber, paper, plastic, and wood from landfills all around the world! 

To put that amount of material into perspective, here are some things that weigh 9,682 pounds!! 

  • Six-and-a-half cow (happy Taurus season!)
  • 100 toilets
  • 20,000 hamster

Totals for 2022

  • No. of trees planted: 3,283
  • Pounds of waste material saved:  42,765

An Indian mother and daughter, wearing yellow, red, white, and pink clothes are sitting together. The mother is busy spinning yarn while her daughter smiles at someone to the left of the camera.
Artisans work to support their families and can do so with us!

Trees.Org x Darn Good Yarn

Every purchase from our Be Darn Good Collection, gives back to the global community. For each purchase from this collection, a tree is planted by our friends over at! For 2022 we hope to plant 30,000 trees this year all around the world to help our global siblings. With each tree planted there is hope for the future -more food, more farms, more wildlife, and more jobs! 

Thanks to our community, last month we were able to plant 911 trees!! One step closer to our 2022 goal! 

April's Most Popular Yarn

The reigning champion cannot be beat! For the fourth time, our most popular yarn this month is Darn Good Twist Sport Weight Silk Yarn in Twisting Rainbows!! 

Take a look at what some of the amazing members of our community made with their twist sport weight silk yarn! 

Our twisting rainbow twist sport lace yarn is being woven on a loom. A cake of unused yarn is resting on the woven yarn.
Sarah's awesome loom work
A super cute gnome made of yarn has a gorgeous pink and green hat, as well as fuzzy rainbow whiskers!
Marina has a super adorable gnome infestation!
The best cat in the world, a black and orange cat is lounging on a light wood window ledge. In front of the cat is a small stack of our twist lace silk yarn.
What a cute little crafter!
A cute drawstring bag made out of two different kinds of our twist sport weight silk yarn! The body of the bag is white with specks of rainbows, while the strings are made out of twisting blues.
Atena's newest gorgeous creation!

Lookin’ Good & Doin’ Good!

The most popular clothing item in April was our outstanding Aanya Adjustable Short Tunic - Goddess! These goddess short tunics have saved over 120 pounds of sari materials from the landfill! 

A gorgeous, black, plus sized model wearing a green kaftan tunic is leaning against a bird-case styled chair in a brightly lit greenhouse, surrounded by plants.
These tunics are the easiest things you can throw on quickly and still look fantastic!

If you’re more of a fashionista and less of a crafter (I’m only judging you a liiiiiittle bit!) you will adore these tunics! They’re handmade out of reclaimed sari materials and each tunic is one of a kind! 

Yarn Of The Month® Club

In April, our fabulous Yarn of the Month community helped us save 390 pounds of fiber thanks to their subscription! With each person that subscribes, we are able to protect the employment of our incredible artisans that you can meet HERE!!. For every 1,000 subscribers, our club can support one artisan for an entire year! 

A woman in India, wearing a pink and yellow sari, is working in a co-op. She is sprinkling dye by hand onto yarn that is spread out on a dye station.
Artisans hand dye our yarn with liquid and powdered dyes

Made This Month

We look forward to seeing what people create with our yarn every month! We’re so excited to share some of those amazing pieces of art with you! These pictures come from our Instagram, but as well as our private facebook groups. If you want to join our groups, scroll down!!

A multicolored rectangle yarn, made out of our Tibet jewels ribbon yarn.
A sweet floor piece by Jess!
A colorful pouch with a neon yellow butterfly button is resting on a black background
Azaria's butterfly clutch gives me the warm fuzzies!

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Meet the Author

Profile picture of the author, Kate Curry, wearing a dark red Nanda Poncho sitting on concrete stairs in front of brick wall.

Kate has been on the Darn Good Yarn team since 2018.

They have their degree in Creative Art Therapy & Psychology - and like crafting and animals a little too much.