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Perfect Projects for Sport Weight Yarn

If you have just recently started knitting or crocheting, you might have some questions about the different weights and sizes of yarn. Even if you've been practicing your fiber art hobby for a long time, you may still be wondering how you might best utilize yarns in each weight class.
That is why, today, we're going to discuss the best uses for yarn in the Sport Weight category!

What is Sport Weight Yarn?

Sport weight yarn, also known as "Baby Weight" yarn or fine yarn, is slightly thicker than sock yarn and fingering weight yarn. The recommended knitting needle size to use with Sport Weight Yarn is 3-5 (3.25-3.75 mm) and the recommended crochet hook size is E4-7 (3.5-4.5 mm). If you would like to see the all-inclusive yarn weight table from The Craft Yarn Council, click on the link below. 
Here at Darn Good Yarn we offer: Sport Weight Linen 2-Ply Yarn, Sport Weight Silk Yarn, Silk Blend Sport Weight Yarn (80-20 Rule), and our especially unique Gumball Yarn, which is a Hand Spun Sport Weight Recycled Silk Yarn.  

What are the Best Uses for Sport Weight Yarn?

Now that you know about what sport weight yarn is, you may be wondering, "What is the best way to use it?". We're bringing our expert opinion to the table in order to answer this common question. Sport weight yarn is thin, yet more durable than lace weight or super fine yarn, making it ideal for creating intricate patterns in your work. It is also a great yarn to use when creating textiles or clothing items that need to appear somewhat smooth and seamless (blouses, skirts, etc.) because its finer thickness allows for smaller, less noticeable stitches. 
Now you may already be brainstorming ideas for projects that would work wonderfully with sport weight yarn, but if you would like some additional ideas for projects that you can create with this convenient and versatile yarn, we've got some patterns and kits to help you out!
For a complimentary crochet pattern (who doesn't love FREE?), take a look at our Berry Nice Slouchy Beanie! This easy pattern will help you to create a soft and fashionable hat using DGY's Silk Blend Sport Weight Yarn.

Pink and blue beanie on a wooden background

If you're a knitter, you might be interested in the My Favorite Chevron Kit. This includes a knitting pattern, as well as three skeins of our Sportweight Linen 2 Ply Yarn - all you'll need to create a beautiful clutch and matching pair of fingerless mittens.

Woman wearing fingerless gloves and matching clutch

Or, if you simply love projects that require only a single skein of yarn, take a look at our Fan Shell Shawlette Pattern! 

Pink and blue shawl on a mannequin in front of a wooden background

To try something with a slightly higher difficulty level, we recommend checking out the Low Tide (Stingray) Shawl Pattern or the Day At The Festival Bag Crochet Pattern. 

blue and gray crochet project with yarn balls on an outdoor table overlooking the ocean

Woman wearing crochet bag standing in the woods

In Conclusion...

Sport Weight Yarn is an excellent choice for knitters and crocheters who are wanting to accomplish projects that include a lot of fine detail (no pun intended!) or simply have the need for smooth, nearly seamless surfaces. Available in a variety of colors and types, including DGY's linen and recycled options, this yarn will help you expand the possibilities when pondering your next fiber art creation!  
If you know of another great project for Sport Weight Yarn that wasn't mentioned above, we would love to hear about it! Comment below! 
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