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Silk Blend Sport Weight Yarn 80-20 Rule

Island Glow (50g)
Burgundy Blossom (50g)
Wine Date

This Sport Weight Recycled Silk Yarn comes to you with bright bits of light in every color on the spectrum. Once you have worked with it, you will be hooked - if it’s not the super yummy texture, it will be the rainbow of colors and the “wonder what comes next” experience that will keep you working.

Each skein is handspun and made from 100% recycled sari silk remnants.


Length/Weight: 250 yards/100g (Burgundy Blossom:125 yards/ 50g)
Yarn Weight: 2 - Sport
Yarn Material: 80% Reclaimed Silk & 20% Viscose
Needle Size: 3 - 5
Hook Size: E, F, G, H
Physical Quality: 5.75-6.5 / 4-5 sts per inch
How to clean: Dry Clean or handwash lay flat to dry
Best for: Knitting, Crocheting, Weaving, Jewelry Making - check out our Fan Shell Shawlette and Little Girls Summer Dress

****Burgundy Blossom & Island Glow are 125 yards/ 50 grams

Note: There are no dye lots, so we recommend that you buy all the yarn necessary for your project at once!