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Gumball Yarn: Handspun Sport Weight Recycled Silk Yarn

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Gumball yarn is one of life’s great pleasures! Do you remember the sheer joy of going to the candy counter when you were younger, the coins in your hand sweaty with anticipation of buying that piece of fudge or that gum ball? This yarn provided that kid-in-the-candy-store excitement! Part of the Skinny Lux Adventure Collection, this yarn is 100% premium mulberry silk. While we might not still be at the candy counter, the anticipation of the sinfully soft texture will bring the same joy. This handspun sari silk is available for your sweet creations such as this playful hat pattern, Arctic Snowballs.

Material: Recycled Silk
Weight: Sport
Skein weight: 100g skeins (3.5 ounces)
Length:100 yards
Best with: Size 4 needles
Wash: Hand wash cool and lay flat to dry
Made In: Bihar, India

Ideas: Hats, scarves, mittens, scarves, Arctic Snowballs
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