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Indian Independence Day

Written by Kate Curry

Today, August 15, India celebrates its Independence Day, marking the end of British rule in 1947. While more than 70 years have passed since India became a free nation, many Indians like our partner artisans are still working to rise from the deeply rooted social and economic struggles due to centuries of racism and colonialism.

These artisans, like many other workers in India, are taking back their country’s resources and and recycled yarn, this can mean personal independence and growing opportunities.

“I want to be self dependent, and want to support my family and want to lead a good life,” she says in a translated interview. Arfa is proud of financially helping her brother start a small fruit shop, and would like to buy a cart for carrying fruit.

Arfa says she would like to start an organization to give other women the type of self-dependence she has found. “As I learned to yarn these threads and ribbons, I would teach other women the same, so that all the needy women would get employment and could lead their life better,” says Arfa.

Many artisans like Arfa say they would like to be able to provide medical care and education for their family and invest in tools to become financially independent. Darn Good Yarn is proud to support these artisans who are working to transform their own lives! Check out the video below of a conversation we had with Arfa!

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Our artisan community is built of amazing creators from all different walks of life. You can read the stories of artisans like Sabreen and Gurusiddappa  and learn how they contribute to the gorgeous yarn, clothing, and accessories you love. 

If you're looking for more ways to help our artisans, you can look into our amazing Darn Good Yarn Fund! 

It is truly our honor to help support our artisans' needs, aspirations and dreams. We would be nothing without them and we always remember that! 

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