Meet Gurusiddappa - Darn Good Yarn

Meet Gurusiddappa

Artisan Profile

Woven into every ball of yarn that comes through our warehouse are the stories of our incredible artisans. Each individual has a story and has reasons for working with us to create the gorgeous yarn and clothing that you love! 

We're starting our Artisan Profile Series for you to connect names, faces, and stories to the creations that you get in those purple bags and boxes!

Gurusiddappa (pronounced Gir-u--sid-dappa) has been working with us since 2017. He's an incredible artisan and does his job exceptionally - but he's struggling. His eyesight, due to cataracts, has begun to rapidly diminish. Since his eyesight has started to fail, he can no longer work on the floor, and is now working in the office of the co-op. 

The office is fine and good, but he wants to get back out onto the floor. The surgery is free, but he still needs to purchase the lens' needed so that he can return to doing what he loves.

Gurusiddappa, sitting on a bed, staring into the camera.
Gurusiddappa, one of the artisans supporting DGY

What many customers don't know about are the struggles that our artisans face in their everyday lives. Being a community means being connected to each other - so that we can raise each other up when we're low. 

As a company, we are working to help meet the needs for Gurusiddappa to be able to see and live life to the fullest! 

How You Helped!

Gurusiddappa - standing post-recovery back to work doing what he loves!
Gurusiddappa - Happily back at work and recovered from his surgery.

From February 9th to March 1st, we ran a special promotion on the beautiful ceramic yarn bowl below. We're happy to report we were able to help Gurusiddappa get him through surgery recovery and the lenses needed to get his life back and back to doing what he loves.

The Purple Speckled Ceramic Yarn Bowl - A purchase the gives back.
Our Purple Speckled Ceramic Yarn Bowl - A purchase that gives back.