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How to Knit a Perfect Edge

We are a rather fun-loving gang at Darn Good Yarn. And why not? We work with crafty people all day, get to try all kinds of recycled fibers, and create meaningful work for people around the globe. Life is good as the expression goes!

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So what makes us really go over the edge? We love when really creative ideas take us away from the norm. Yes, the repetition of patterns is relaxing and is a place we love to be. And then, how about trying new things, like creating beautiful edging for your projects? In this blog piece, I am going to discuss a few edging ideas and be sure to check out the blog post about crochet edging I did recently, too!


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Have you made an i-cord? Super simple with roughly 4 sts cast on and continue in stockinette stitch until piece is desired length. I recently made a hat that started with an i-cord on the top and then the edging at the base of the hat was an attched i-cord. It scared me!

I stuck with the pattern and had to try a few times. Once I understood what I was doing, the i-cord edging was super easy and looks great, too!  I-cord Edging technique can be done in a multitude of ways and has some very clear instructions for you that I wish I had when I tried this pattern!

Easy Edging

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Some very standard edging ideas are super practical. Why is it that so many hat patterns (and mittens, too) have one edge that is a ribbing pattern of knit 2, purl 2, or knit 1, purl 1? The ribbing not only gives it a nice clean patterned look, the ribbing provides some elasticity which is perfect for getting on and also keeping out the cold!

Garter stitch! Aren't their times where you feel absolute bliss about just knitting? Garter stitch, where you knit row after row after row, is perfect for those days when you just want to have EASY!  So go ahead and edge your scarf, sweater, of shawl with a super easy and sweet little change of pattern. Garters stitch it is!

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The playful colorway of this sari silk scarf above shows the beginning edge in an easy garter stitch which gives the piece a clean edge. With playful color and a freedom in stitch choices, the garter stitch gives this scarf a defined edge and couldn't be easier!

Seed stitch is another basic edging idea. With a simple pattern of knit 1 (k1), purl 1 (p1) on the first edge row. You then will do the opposite on the next row so all knit stitches on the right side of your work, will now be a purl and vice versa. Each row will show as just the opposite and give a nice patterning edge.

Hmmm....makes me think that many stitch patterns may be fun to try for edging!

Lace Edging

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A lot of times we think of crochet is being lacey. Whoa! Think about all the beautiful edges that are made by combining some of our most common knit stitches like knit 2 together (k2tog), slip stitch (sl st), yarn over (yo). Voila, a lacey, holey creation and it's knit!

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The cool thing about knit edging is that you can work a whole pattern with heaps of repeats and easy knitting, and  let the beautiful lace yarn do all the work! Then add an edge that makes the whole handmade piece just amazing. So yeah! Use that pattern that you love with some unique fiber and then, go over the edge with a new edging for finishing it!

We love going over the edge and hope you'll think about taking the plunge, too. The team at Darn Good Yarn is here to help you! And be sure to tell us about an interesting edge idea that you've tried! We love hearing from our Darn Good Yarners! xo