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Fun Craft Kits For Camping

Written by Kate Curry

Are you a lover of nature and the great outdoors, but you hate to leave behind your craft room? We feel the same way! We’ve gathered together a few crafting kits that would be perfect to bring along on your next camping trip.

Knitting Kits

30 Minute Arm Knit Scarf Kit

An Asian woman with long dark hair and glasses smiles for the camera outside as she holds onto her multicolored arm knit scarf

Arm knitting is all the rage and you don’t need to pack any needles to make this gorgeous arm scarf! Made from our unique chiffon ribbon yarn, your arm-made scarf will be a unique piece that will remind you of your camping trips!

Market Tote Kit

A hand is holding a multicolored market tote by it's straps out in the forest.

Do you need a new tote bag to take down to the showers or to the lake? You can make your own with our market tote kit - which comes in knit AND crochet! This versatile tote is made from our  one-of-a-kind chiffon wonder yarn made from reclaimed textiles. It's true that no two are the same and it's what will make your tote a true piece of art!

Tiered Air Plant Hanger Kit

On a white background, a trio of air plant hangers are laid out, made from worsted weight watercolor silk yarn.

Kick back and really focus on the nature around you while you work up a tiered air plant hanger. Hey, if you see a plant out in the wild that you love, take it home to live in your luxurious hanger.

Serendipity Lace Weight Silk Shawl Knit Kit

A woman with braided blond hair is wearing a grey handmade shawl over her white long sleeved top outside.

Focus on the serenity of nature and create a stunning serendipity lace weight silk shawl while you’re out in the wild. This lace weight silk shawl is the perfect project and wardrobe addition for the cool late summer and early fall nights, perfect for those chilly camping nights around the fire.

Crochet Kits

Sunset On The Water Shawl Crochet Kit

A petite person wearing a white dress with a pink, purple, and blue handmade shawl is in a green forest.

Create a shawl to match the stunning scenery around your campground. Our sunset on the water shawl is made from our delightfully earthy DK Weight Herbal Dyed Recycled Silk Yarn and comes in a few different color options!

Granny Square Crochet Kit

On an aged picnic table lay 12 different colored skeins of solid colored worsted weight silk yarn. There is also a pink crochet hook and two granny squares, made of different blue and pink yarn.

Who doesn’t love a good granny square?! Take a whole pack of gorgeous handmade solid worsted weight yarn with you and make camp while working on a few new granny squares for your next project!

Delicious Headband Knit or Crochet Kit

On a wooden table rests a yarn bowl, a pair of knitting needles, and a half finished headband made of pink, blue, and purple worsted weight silk yarn.

Hot days and chilly nights are a must-have for end of summer camping sessions. If the wind starts to whip during the night while you’re enjoying the breeze, don’t be afraid to crochet (or knit) up a delicious headband in no time at all!

Easy Fingerless Mitts Knitting and Crochet Kit

A pair of hands with light pink painted nails are outstretched, showing off the multicolored fingerless gloves that they are wearing.

Did you forget to pack an extra blanket for those chilly nights in your tent? Well, unless you’re camping for a few weeks, you probably can’t whip up a whole blanket, but you can make these snuggly and warm mitts!

Amigurumi Kits

Amigurumi Pumpkin Crochet Kit

An amigurumi pumpkin is sitting on a woven basket with a bright orange background.

Are you still loving summer but you know you have to prepare for fall? While you’re basking in the sun, why not bang out a few of these super cute ombre amigurumi pumpkins?

DIY Amigurumi Fox Knit & Crochet Kit

An orange amigurumi fox is perched on top of a green and orange bush in a wooded area

Make yourself a cunning tent-mate to scare away other predators with our DIY amigurumi fox kit! This little rascal will be happy to join you on a hike or snoozing away under the shade.

DIY Amigurumi Frog Knit & Crochet Kit

A green amigurumi frog sits on a white windowsill in front of two white potted plants.

Looking for a more water-friendly pal? Create your own frog friend who will hop into your canoe with you and enjoy your time on the water!

Whatever kit you choose, you are bound to have an amazing time campin’ and a craftin’!

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