30 Minute Arm Knit Scarf Kit

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This glorious poofy scarf wraps and wraps. If you want to be cool, you can wrap it loosely around your neck and let the ends flow. If you want to be warm, you can get up to three wraps around your neck and zip up a coat.

Product Specs:

Craft: Knit
Category: Shawls & Scarves
Difficulty Level: Basic
Needle Size: Your arms!!
Materials: (not included) scissors 
Designed By: Nicole Snow / @nicolesnow

Yarn Required: 3 Skeins of DGY Sari Silk Multicolored Ribbon Yarn "Tibet Jewels"
Yarn Required: 3 Skeins of DGY Chiffon Ribbon
Yarn Required: 3 Skeins of DGY Sari Ribbon Yarn "At the Bahamas"

Looking for just the pattern? Click here!

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