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Back to Basics: Crocheting

January 09, 2019 2 min read

So, you want to learn how to crochet? Or, perhaps you've already started, but you're looking for some extra help. Today, we're here to help you out with some of our favorite resources for beginner level crocheters! 

The internet is full of "how-to" videos, articles, and lessons on the basics of crocheting. We're here to help you sort through some of these instructional resources to find the ones that will be most beneficial to your learning process and your creative potential! 

Here are three of our favorites!

1. Crochet Guru

Bobbie Thomson's YouTube Channel Crochet Guru features a detailed series of videos to help viewers learn how to crochet and to learn the various techniques that come along with simple and more advanced crochet projects. Her selection of videos includes instructions for both left and right handed crocheters! 

To watch Bobbie's 12 lesson-long Learn How to Crochet Beginner Course,

Lean How to Crochet .

2. The Craft Yarn Council

To those of you who read our Back to The Basics: Knitting blog post, The Craft Yarn Council probably sounds familiar. As you may have inferred from their title, The Craft Yarn Council provides resources for all kinds of fiber artists, including crocheters! They provide simple instructional web pages, as the one you will see when you click on the link below, and full lessons taught by certified instructors!  

Lean How to Crochet  

to go to The Craft Yarn Council's Learning Center! 

 3. Darn Good Yarn's How to Crochet Series 

Crochet hook with chain Stitch and text that reads 'Lesson 1, Chain Stitch'

The tutorial portion of Darn Good Yarn's website includes a great in-house series entitled How to Crochet! This series includes the following 5 lessons:

  1. Chain Stitch
  2. Single Crochet
  3. Double Crochet 
  4. Moss Stitch 
  5. Single Crochet Chevron Stitch 

Each one of these lessons includes a video with step-by-step instructions! 

Lean How to Crochet get started with Lesson 1! 

Another thing that will help get you started in your crocheting journey is an easy, beginner level pattern. We all work better when we have something exciting to work towards! If you're looking for easy beginner level patterns, here's 6 patterns from DGY that you need to check out! 

Back view of woman wearing Rainbow Shawl

Do you have any favorite basic crocheting resources or patterns that you'd like to share with DGY's audience? Please tell us about them in the comments! We love hearing about what our community of crocheters is doing and learning. 

Speaking of a community of crocheters, check out the Darn Good Yarn of The Month Club! Yarn of The Month Club is more than just a monthly yarn subscription. The members of our yarn club form a community of makers that supports new patterns and creativity! This supportive group is an asset to both beginner and long-time crocheters.

We hope that this post has helped you as you begin the adventure of your new crocheting hobby! 

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