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Back to Basics: Knitting

If you're new to knitting, or if you want to learn to knit for the first time, your quest for more knowledge about the beginner's basics of knitting has no doubt brought you to this page. 

If you're not new to knitting, perhaps it's a hobby you used to enjoy in the past, but you've fallen out of practice and you need a refresher on the basics. 

No matter the reason for your visit, we're so glad to have you with us as we go over our favorite "how-tos" and how-to resources when it comes to the basics of knitting!

During your search for help with knitting for beginners, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the available articles, videos and lessons that exist to assist people in beginning their needlework journeys. We're here to help you sort through some of those resources to find the best ones for you.

Here are three of our favorites! 

1. The Craft Yarn Council


The Craft Yarn Council is self described as "the yarn industry's one-stop source". On their website, you will find knitting lessons from certified instructors, information about needle sizes, stories from long-time knitters, free patterns, and more! 


to view one of their best videos (posted via Creativebug Studios) about how to create a knitted cast on with Debbie Stoller. 

2. Studio Knit


Studio Knit is a website and YouTube channel created by Kristen McDonnell. Kristen provides several tutorials and instructional videos for knitters of all skill levels. Her videos feature a close up of the knitting process at a pace that makes them easy to follow. 

How to Knit Stitch  

to see her excellent video on how to do a basic knit stitch! 

3. Darn Good Yarn's How To Knit Series 

Knitting needles with knit project and text that reads 'Lesson 3 Purl Stitch'

Did you know that our very own tutorial section of our website features a How To Knit series? This 5-part series covers:

  1. Long Tail Cast On
  2. Knit Stitch 
  3. Purl Stitch 
  4. Cast Off
  5. Rib Stitch

Each one of these lessons contains a video and great step by step instructions with images. 

How to Knit Stitch get started with Lesson 1! 

If you're looking for some awesome, basic and beginner-level knitting patterns, we've got you covered for that too! 

Here are 6 easy DGY patterns to get you started:

Woman wearing the serendipity lace weight silk shawl


    If you have favorite basic knitting resources or patterns to share with DGY's audience, please tell us about them in the comments! We love hearing about what our community of knitters is doing and learning. 

    Speaking of a community of knitters, check out the Darn Good Yarn of The Month Club! Yarn of The Month Club is more than just a monthly yarn subscription. The members of our yarn club form a community of makers that supports new patterns and creativity! This supportive group is an asset to both beginner and long-time knitters.

    We hope that this post has helped you as you start, or get back into your knitting creations. Happy crafting! 

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