Cabito Wool Color Pool Woven Scarf Pattern

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The Darn Good Yarn Lace Weight Cabito Wool Yarn used in this pattern is incredibly soft and fine with rich colors painted throughout. By following this scarf pattern, you’ll warp using a method which maintains the skeins hand painted color pools. The zig-zag of the pointed twill weave structure plays off the scarf’s vivid color shifts while creating soft woven piece with incredible drape.

Product Specs:
Designed By: Mary Ballard / Goldfinch Woven
Craft: Weaving
Category: Clothing - Scarf
Yarn: 1 skein Darn Good Yarn Lace Weight Cabito Wool Yarn 100g/655 yards - Bloom
         2 skeins Darn Good Yarn Lace Weight Silk Yarn 300 yards - Black
Materials NeededWarping board (not included)
         4S, 4T loom (not included)
         12DPI  heddle (not included)
         Stick or boat shuttle (not included)
Finished Length: 85” plus fringe.

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