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Solstice Chiffon Sun Wheel Tutorial

Written by Kate Curry



Step One:Place your four branches in a star pattern, with one branch horizontal, one branch vertical, and the other two branches resting diagonally in different directions. Secure these branches together with twine, or my favorite - floral wire for extra strength and then I cover that with some of our natural hemp yarn. 

A canvas blanket is laid out on the grass, and on that blanket is a pile of sticks that have been tied into a star shape with floral wire, and a ball of DGY hemp yarn
I love using floral wire to make sure my wheels stay together
A close up of the sticks that have been bound together with DGY hemp yarn.
After using floral wire, wrap with hemp for some gorgeous rustic asetic and extra bondage!

Step Two:Weave your chiffon through the branches, starting from the center. Before you start weaving, meditate on how you want your sun to look. Do you want to start with the deepest color? What about the lightest color? Do you want to include bells, crystals, beads, or charms to your ribbon? Once you’ve committed to a plan, knot your first ribbon to one of your branches and have at it! 

A pair of hands are wrapping a strand of orange ribbon yarn around a stick of the solstice sun wheel.
Go slow and steady when wrapping your sun

Tip: If you want to add any charms or extra bits, you can feed them through the ribbon BEFORE you start weaving, or add them to the tail end of the ribbon once you get to the end! 

When switching colors, snip your ribbon and knot tightly at the back of the project to hide the knot. 

Step Three: Wrap until you have a stunning sun! 

The finished solstice chiffon sun wheel! The sun wheel, made of sticks, hemp yarn, and yellow, orange, and red reclaimed chiffon yarn, is laid out on a green bush in the bright sunshine!
Here comes the sun!

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