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Perfect Cotton Patchwork Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Written by Kate Curry

Have you been looking for the patchwork cardigan of your dreams? Well it’s wake up time because we have the perfect patchwork crochet pattern!


4.5mm crochet hook
2 100% Cotton Worsted Weight Yarn Packs
Yarn Needle


CO: Cast on
CH(s): Chain(s)
HDC: Half double crochet
BO: Bind off


Each skein makes 4 squares
Square measurements: 7” x 6”
Final cardi measurements:
Chest: 42”
Body Length: 17”
Sleeve: 20” 


A purple background with white squares, symbolizing where the colorful patches need to be sewn together.

Let’s Get Started!

Make Your Patches (You’ll need 38 squares)

Row 1: Co and ch 27
Row 2: Working into the 2nd chain from the hook, hdc across
Row 3-20: Ch2, turn your work, hdc across in the 2nd ch from the hook.


Multiple colorful yarn squares laying on the floor, ready to be sewn together into a cardigan.


Take the time to lay out your squares to make the pattern you want with them. If you're not sure of what pattern you want, you can copy me and ask your favorite furry crochet assistant for their thoughts.

Pink, blue, yellow, and green squares are laid out according to the cardigan diagram. A black pit bull is laying on top of the squares, judging the person taking the picture.

Following the diagram above, using the extra yarn left over, stitch your squares together using the yarn needle.

 A hand holding two squares, one blue and one pink, that have been sewn together tightly.

Once your squares have been sewn together, don’t forget to weave in all those pesky ends!

 Feel free to add buttons, ribbing, or pockets with any of your leftover yarn!

A person with short hair and glasses is wearing the multicolored worsted weight patchwork cardigan.
A person with short hair is facing away from the camera, showing off the back of the worsted weight patchwork cardigan.

Meet the Author

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