Free Pattern: Sunny Days Tank Top - Darn Good Yarn

Free Pattern: Sunny Days Tank Top

Before You Start: 

This lace inspired crochet summer tank top is an easy pattern that will give you a cute, hippie top in no time at all! Made with our recycled Banana Fiber yarn (Did you know Banana Fiber is a Vegan Yarn?), this top is soft and lightweight!

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Project Details:

Skill Level: Beginner
Craft: Crochet
Never worked with banana fiber before? Check out this blog for some tips and tricks!


Hook: 15 mm crochet hook
Yarn Needle
Yarn: 4 Skeins of Darn Good Yarn Banana Fiber (Pictured in Sunflower)


Ss: Slip Stitch
Ch: Chain stitch
Tr: Triple Stitch


Each square is 17” x 17” before blocking

A woman from the neck down, wearing the bright yellow banana fiber tank top, and white shorts with black stripes is posing akimbo, leaning against an old white wooden door with rusting hinges.


Note: Make 2 of rounds 1-6 (these will be the two sides of the vest)

To begin:

Chain five join with SS into a ring.
Round 1: 4ch=(1 tr, 1ch), 1tr + 1ch 11 times, Into your ring, join with ss. (12 tr)
Round 2: Into ch1 space, 3ch = (1tr), 1tr, 1ch, *2tr, ch1 into each of the next ch1 spaces. Join with ss.(12 groups of 2tr)
Round 3: Into ch1 space, 3ch = (1tr), 2tr into same space, 1ch, *3tr, 1ch* into each of the next ch1spaces. Join with ss. (12 groups of 3tr)

To make into a square shape:

Round 4: Into next ch1 space, 4ch =(1tr), 1tr 2ch 2tr, Into same space, (1 st corner made). * 3tr in next2, ch1 spaces, 2tr 2ch 2tr Into next ch1 space (2nd corner made) repeat * to ** 2more times. Join with ss. (4 corner spaces, 8 sets of 3tr)
Round 5-6: Repeat round 4, added 1 extra set of 3tr between each corner spaces. Fasten off.
On a white background, the sunny days tank top, made of bright yellow banana fiber is stretched out, a crochet hook still attached to the shirt.


Lay your squares one on top of the other with the right sides facing each other. At the top edge of each corner, using a whipstitch sew 3 stitches in each corner. To attach the squares and make the neck opening. Sew up the sides using a whipstich from the bottom corners of your top, leaving your desired armhole depth.


Weave in all ends, and block to size.


I gently hand washed and hung my vest to dry, letting gravity do the work to stretch and lengthen. If you would like to make the vest a bigger size, simply repeat round 6 and add 1 extra round at a time.