Banana Fiber Yarn

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Why we love it!

  • Are you an adventurous crafter looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Try our Banana Fiber Yarn for something that’s a little out of the ordinary!
  • Made from the sustainable fibers that are scraped from the bark of a banana tree and handspun by women’s co-ops in India, our vibrant Banana Fiber Yarn is a soft, plant based alternative.


  • Available in assorted different colors our Banana Fiber Yarn is vibrant and perfect for knitting, crocheting and more.
  • How does the yarn get so soft? After harvesting the banana fibers from the trunk of the tree, they are put through a softening process that makes the fiber very similar to silk.
  • Then when it’s spun, it is as soft as silk - soft and strong, full of texture, color, and biodegradable so it’s completely vegan and eco-friendly!

Note: Learn more about this incredible yarn here!

Length/Yards: 30 yards/100 grams
Yarn Weight: 4 - Worsted
Yarn Material: Banana Fiber
Needle Size: 9 - 11
Gauge (knit/crochet): 2-4 sts per inch
Physical Quality: Surprisingly soft! Reminiscent of Bamboo yarn - Hand-spun, so it may have some inconsistencies like thick and thin spots, or knots.
How to Clean: Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry or dry clean - dryer only on delicate cycle
Best for: Knitting, Crocheting, Jewelry Making, Mixed Media, Weaving - Check out this Simple CowlStriped Double Pom Pom Hat, and Adventure Cardi

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