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Free Pattern Friday: Springy Capelet

Before You Start: 

This openwork knit capelet is filled with vibrant jewel-tone hues, thanks to our At The Bahamas Sari Silk Ribbon. This pattern can also be completed using our Tibet Jewels Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon or any of our Sari Silk Ribbons


Designed By: Jane Reiter 
Skill Level: Intermediate 


3 Skeins of At The Bahamas - Sari Silk Ribbon
US 15 (10 mm) circular needles, 32"
Yarn needle
G or H crochet hook (optional ties for lacing)


Garter Stitch, 2 sts/1”
3 rows/1”


Top circumference: 28 ½”
Bottom circumference: 70”


BO=bind off
YO=yarn over
CO=cast on
SKP=slip 1 st, knitwise, k next st, slip 1 st st over knitted st
M1P=make 1 purlwise
(To make the increase on the purl side, insert the left needle from back to
front into the horizontal strand and purl it through the front loop).

NOTE: I used a knitted cast on for my capelet. Circular needle required to
accommodate large volume of stitches. Capelet is worked from the top
down-- -bind off loosely. Two closure options are provided.


CO 54 st.
Rows 1-3: K

First Section (12 rows):
Row 4: K
Row 5: K3, P48, K3
Row 6: K3, * yo, SKP *, rep * to *, ending with K3
Row 7: K3, P48, K3
Row 8: K
Row 9: K3, P48, K3
Rows 10-13: Rep Rows 6-9
Rows 14-15: Rep Rows 6-7

Middle Section (12 rows):
Row 16: K
Row 17: K3, * P1, m1P *, rep * to * , ending with K3 (78 sts)
Row 18: K3, * yo, SKP, K1 *, rep * to * , ending with K3
Row 19: K3, P72, K3
Row 20: K
Row 21: K3, P72, K3
Rows 22-25: Rep Rows 18-21
Rows 26-27: Rep Rows 18-19

Bottom Section (12 rows):
Row 28: K
Row 29: K3, * P1, M1P *, rep * to * , ending with K3 (102 sts)
Row 30: K3, * yo, SKP *, rep * to *, ending with K3
Row 31: K3, P96, K3
Row 32: K
Row 33: K3, P96, K3
Rows 34-37: Rep Rows 30-33
Rows 38-39: Rep Rows 30-31
BO knitwise, weave in ends. Wash gently and block to desired

OPTION 1: Capelet can use 1 to 3 pins/brooches as closure (see image).
OPTION 2, TIES: Use single length of silk sari ribbon laced through knitted
edges as closure (see image). Starting at top edge, pull ribbon through
capelet edges with crochet hook. Lace both edges together, as if shoe laces-
-- adjust fit.

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