Free Pattern Friday: Ocean Storm Tweed Scarf - Darn Good Yarn

Free Pattern Friday: Ocean Storm Tweed Scarf

Before you start:

This easy weaving pattern is a great start for someone who has been aching to give this art a try! This beautiful scarf is great for year round use and will be the center of your next conversation. 

Give this pattern a once over and when you are ready, check out the kit HERE so you can make your very own!

Project Details:
Skill Level: Easy
Designed by Mary Ballard @goldfinchwoven
Craft: Weaving
Wrap Length: 2 1/2 yds including loom waste
Warp Width: 12” in heddle / 60 warp ends

- 2 skeins of Darn Good Yarn ‘s Speckled Tweed Recycled Silk Yarn in Oceanic
- 2 skeins of Darn Good Yarn ‘s Speckled Tweed Recycled Silk Yarn in Stormy Day

Loom (not included):
- Rigid Heddle Loom with at least 12” weaving width
- One 5 dent heddle

Project Notes:

Weave Structure: Plain weave
EPI: 5 ends per inch
PPI: 4 picks per inch
Finished Measurements: 65” x 10”


Wind a 2 1/2 yd long warp, 60 threads wide following the color order of the chart below.
4 threads per color in alternating order beginning and ending with Stormy Day.
Load 2 shuttles with each yarn color.  Beginning with Stormy Day, leave a 36” tail and weave 4 rows.   Switch to Oceanic for 4.  Hemstitch in groups of 4 threads before advancing warp.
Continue alternating between colors every 4 rows for 75” or until warp is exhausted. End with Stormy Day.  Hemstitch in groups of 4 before cutting from loom.
Tie an overhand knot at each hemstitched fringe bundle. Weave in and trim any loose ends.  Soak in cool water with mild soap, wring out excess water, reshape and lay flat to dry.  Trim fringe to 5” or desired length.


Have a fantastic Friday and just in case you need some protection from the sun...our favorite embellished parasol umbrellas are back!