DIY Triangular Tasseled Scarf | Easy Crochet Triangle Scarf

Written by Kate Curry

Triangular scarves are so popular right now and they’re incredibly easy to DIY! Crochet yourself a triangular tassel scarf by following along with this super easy (and free!) crochet pattern.


2 skein of Sport Weight Silk Yarn
G-7 US / 7 UK / 4.50mm crochet hook
Yarn Needle
A 4 ½ inch tall square of cardboard


CO: Cast on
CH(s): Chain(s)
HDC: Half double crochet
ST(S): Stitch(es)


Scarf is worked bottom-up

A hand with blue nails is holding onto a small triangle made from white and grey speckled yarn.

Need a visual on how to make your tassels? Check out this blog!

Finished Measurements: 39” x 19”

You will NEED to block this piece to get those gorgeous crisp edges.


Row 1: Co and ch 2
Row 2: Make 2 hdc in the 2nd ch from the hook. Ch 2 and turn (2)
Row 3: Make 2 hdc in both sts. Ch 2 and turn (4)
Row 4: Create 1 hdc in each st, but make 2 hdc in the final st. Ch 2 and turn (5)
Row 5-13: Repeat row 4
Row 14: Create 2 hdcs in the first st, hdc the rest of the row, except the final st. Create 2 hdcs in the final st. Ch 2 and turn (15)
Row 15-27: Repeat row 14
Row 28-31: Hdc the whole row
Row 32-84: Create 2 hdcs in the first st, hdc the rest of the row, except the final st. Create 2 hdcs in the final st. Ch 2 and turn

Bind off and weave in your ends

A grey triangular scarf curled up on a white background!

Make Your Tassels x3

Cut a 4 ½ tall piece of cardboard. Wrap your yarn around the piece of cardboard 50 times. Cut a strand of yarn, 2 feet long, and fold in half. Push the loop of the strand under the yarn on the cardboard and make a lark's head knot. This will become the top strand of your tassel.

Snip the bottom of the yarn wrapped around the cardboard and slide it off. Cut another strand of yarn, about 8 inches, and knot it around the top of your tassel, creating the bobble head. With your scissors, trim your tassels to your liking.

With the tail end of your top strand, use your darning needle to weave the tassel into the three corners of your scarf to anchor them tightly!

A large grey triangular scarf is laying on the ground, in the sun.

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