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6 Plus 1 Crafter Gift Ideas Under $20.

Looking for some inexpensive ideas for gifting this year? We get it! Here at Darn Good Yarn, we are totally into being in tune and being in tune with financial matters! Because we want everyone to have the Darn Good Yarn experience we strive to have great sales all year round. Be sure to check our blog for other posts on holiday gift giving!

We also wanted to offer our friends some reasonable ideas for gifting. So whether you are staying in budget, want to add a bit more for the crafter in your life, or need something for a stocking, the DGY team has pulled together some of the best bargains just for you!

1. I love this idea-what about just ordering up some patterns for your crafter? I mean, we have some really amazing patterns and to put it bluntly, they are cheap! You could order up several and give your crafter, a collection of inspiration to work with this year!


2. What is the most useful tool I have (other than my husband)?!!! I am crazy about my Knitting Needle Gauge Ruler! I can't tell you how many times I have needed to figure out what size double pointed needles I have in my hand. I also love this because I keep it in my bag (it fits!) and it's super easy to measure. I may have even mentioned this before but I don't care...this is an expensive and super useful gift!

3. What about a knitting loom, my friend? A gift for both the expert who might like to try something new and for the beginner. This is perfect for introducing the grand kids to crafts and you are going to love it, too! The price is right and it's made of wood!

4. Maybe your gift doesn't need to be a lot, so how about a little? Our Darn Good Yarn Sample Cards come in a variety of options. What a great way to give someone a taste of some of our most exotic recycled fibers and not break the bank!

5. Looking for something on the earthy side? We have a great line of hemp products and yarns! Not only are these fibers Earth friendly, they are strong and weather resistant. Your vegan friends are going to love a hemp gift. Great for a multiplicity of crafts, we carry a full line of jewelry making supplies.

6. And then what to put your inexpensive gifts in? Hmmm...how about one of our RBFS Snarky Totes? This really is an awesome way to wrap up a gift all in one stop shopping!

Plus One

Okay! So I almost forgot this one...Gift cards allow the freedom of choice and start at just $10.00!!! An incredibly easy idea, keeps you in budget, and gives the gift of choice....gotta love it!

Whatever your budget, we know how important it is to feel great about your purchases. Giving gifts you are happy with is part of feeling great in your giving. We love making that happen! Did you know that Darn Good Yarn always has a sale shelf for you to look at?

Happy Holidays from the Darn Good Yarn Team!