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9 Great Yarn Hacks


Life is crazy, isn't it? I don't know about you but the gang at Darn Good Yarn loves when we can get a moment to breathe! Breathe and create, because for some of us working on our fiber project is what keeps us sane! We love our opportunity to retreat from the every day.

I cherish the time I can just meditate with my yarn and can feel the day's stress peel away the moment I pick up my needles. Ahhh, yes! But wouldn't a few yarn hacks make your project time even more relaxing? I love writing about this because I always find more ideas for yarn hacks and some of these are from our facebook Darn Good Yarners!

yarn with needles

Drinking and Knitting

1. I had an incident with stitches just the other night. I swear that these stitched have a life of their own and want to co-mingle in the bottom of my yarn bag. Frustrated? Oh, yeah! This wine cork idea for the knitting needles is just what I should do because it would make my life easier. Guess I need to drink some wine and get corking!

2 .Another simple hack is the idea of having a glass of wine. You deserve it and I sometimes have a small glass the size of a juice glass. It gets me feeling more relaxed and gets me in the zone for knitting. Have you seen our wine koozie pattern? A super easy idea and great for gifting with wine!

yarn - darn good yarn

Darn Good Yarners on facebook

 3. Love this idea from our facebook page from Darn Good Yarner Carrie J. Lynch! She calls this the "poor woman's ball winder" and uses a beer bottle to make her yarn cakes...she also suggests it's great for traveling!

earrings with yarn strings


4. Darn Good Yarner Abby Johnsen mentions using earrings for stitch markers which is not one I have thought of before and it's so practical!  Another of our facebook fans, Susan Harper, additionally suggested paper clips for markers when you are in a pinch!

5. One of our crafters, Rebecca Morrison Renzi, has a very simple yarn hack! She always finishes her knitting for the day by ending so she will start with a knit stitch. Super simple and an easy way to start up again and also remember where you left off!

Yarn Bowl with yarn inside

6. Amanda Currell reminds us that hacks themselves don't have to be tricky. On our facebook page, she suggests that she always winds her yarn into balls first before she begins a project. I do the same thing and love that the balls are ready and work beautifully in my yarn bowl. I also decorate my home with baskets of yarn balls!

7. Angela Vilhauer DeMeritt is crazy about her Stitch Counter app...a great app idea! But what if you aren't that tech savvy?  Or don't use an i-phone? DGY has a stitch counter that is tech-free and user friendly! Not all of us are high tech! We might even be a bit retro!

8. Our friend, Andrea Davis says "I make large projects so I use a small plastic hamper to store the yarn in while I work & to keep the project in because I have dogs who think they are cats & like to steal my yarn. It keeps it away from them and when I put it through different holes I don't have to worry about tangling." This cracks me up!

Team Hacks

9. We love learning from our friends and also supporting them with their creative adventures! The best hack of all? Darn Good Yarn staff loves helping you find what you need for your next yarn adventure! We love helping you get your creative mojo going!

Be sure to follow us on facebook and let us know what do you do for yarn hacks!