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Acrylic Stitch Counter

Keeping track of your stitches on paper may look like a bad math equation! Tallies and scratch marks begin to take over and the issue becomes how to read this method of keeping track of stitches versus the actual project. That is all in the past now with this handy stitch counter that you can quickly tap for stitch counting. It comes in two pieces with both the rope and actual counter. Ah, isn’t it great when life gets easier?

Material: Acrylic
Size: Approx: 4.7cm x 4cm (1 7/8" x1 5/8"), thickness: 13.2mm( 4/8")
Quantity: 2 pieces in package
Color: Pink

Additional Information: Rope Length: 45cm (17 6/8") 4.7cm x 4cm (1 7/8" x1 5/8")

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